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Datapipe provides consulting, migration and management services for three of the largest public cloud platforms in the world, plus Datapipe’s private cloud and federal cloud platforms.

Pair the world’s largest public cloud with our certified specialists. An original AWS Premier Consulting Partner, our certified specialists have designed and managed AWS solutions since 2010.

Datapipe provides management for public, private and hybrid IT environments on the Microsoft Cloud Platform, and was the first managed service provider to directly manage Azure workloads.

Alibaba is the leading cloud in China. Datapipe has managed clients’ cloud environments in China for 10 years. The perfect combo? We think so.

Our VMware-powered hosted private cloud gives you the scalability of the cloud, with robust security and customization.

Our FISMA-compliant, FedRAMP JAB-approved cloud is an innovative platform for government entities and service providers.

Cloud Management

Datapipe pioneered managed services for public clouds and is a Gartner and Forrester recognized leader in cloud management. Put our experience and strength to work for you.

Cloud Enablement

Our experts consult with you to analyze cloud readiness, identify opportunities, and create a roadmap for cloud transformation.


Cloud Migration

A streamlined process engineered for success and speed, that’s what Datapipe does. Oh, also expert solution integration, testing and validation.


Management & Optimization

One decision is simple: trusting Datapipe for 24/7 cloud oversight. We monitor performance, swiftly predict, mitigate and help resolve issues, always optimizing for cost.


Security & Compliance

With proprietary systems designed for the most stringent standards, including PCI, HIPAA and FISMA/FedRAMP, nobody is more secure.


Not sure where to start? We can help.

Our dedicated cloud enablement team works with organizations in all stages of their cloud journey, from an initial cloud readiness assessment, to cloud roadmap design, and complete cloud migration services.

Unlike other cloud consultants, we support a wide variety of public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Alibaba), private clouds (Stratosphere, Microsoft, VMware), and highly-customized hybrid and bare metal cloud options. For you, this means selection and un-biased advice on the platform(s) that best match your need.

Get started with our interactive guide to the cloud journey, or contact us directly for a consultation.

Cloud Success Stories

The British Medical Journal enabled sustainable dev cycles of continuous integration and automation by migrating to Datapipe private cloud.


Tillster optimized the cost and scale of the public cloud workloads for their digital ordering solution via a complete AWS audit by Datapipe.


Gateway Ticketing Systems' new Azure-based SaaS reduced deployment times from months to days, eliminated latency issues, and halved database costs.


Baozun's move to managed private cloud reduced client on-boarding from 25 to 5 days, while eliminating 200 hours of maintenance per month.