Friday, October 31, 2014

Study highlights cloud benefits for government agencies

The role played by cloud computing in the public sector is increasing rapidly. Government agencies at every level are now leveraging cloud solutions for a wide range of purposes, and are seeing tremendous benefits as a result. Case in point: A recent survey from Market Connections identified several of the most significant advantages government agencies are reaping thanks to their ... Read More »

Cloud security concerns highlight need for managed services

Without a doubt, cloud computing adoption has skyrocketed in recent years. Companies that previously had no interest in the technology now realize that cloud services are essential for any organization eager to become and remain competitive in its specific market. Cloud computing can make a company more agile, efficient and productive. With that being said, though, cloud adoption is far ... Read More »

Fast food industry’s focus on customer engagement demands back-office support

Fast food industry's focus on customer engagement demands back-office support

The fast food industry is currently in the midst of some major changes. Some of these developments are relatively familiar, but on a larger scale – for example, the increasing focus on breakfast offerings. Even more overarching is the public’s growing appetite for healthy foods and subsequent weaning off of fast food. This long-gestating shift is so significant that many ... Read More »

Why the cloud is like a great example of the 10,000 hour rule

Why the cloud is like a great example of the 10,000 hour rule

In 2008, Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers” introduced the idea of the 10,000-hour rule. Essentially, this rule suggests that mastering any field requires approximately 10,000 hours of practice and hard work. Even the most talented individual won’t become an expert in his or her field without this time investment. NBA all-stars, award-winning singers and the world’s best gymnasts may make it ... Read More »

To maximize hybrid cloud effectiveness, data location is key

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Firms of all sizes and every industry now regularly turn to cloud computing solutions to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility. And increasingly, these organizations are leveraging hybrid deployments when seeking out the best means of cloud adoption. Hybrid cloud offerings allow businesses to strike the ideal balance between private and public cloud options, taking advantage of the security benefits ... Read More »

USPS runs into cloud management problems

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Cloud computing‘s momentum at the federal level continues to grow. Virtually every agency now utilizes the cloud in some capacity, with more projects springing up every day. Yet for all the progress these organizations have made in this area, there have also been some notable stumbles. The United States Postal Services’ cloud experience may be a case in point. A recent ... Read More »

Energy department cloud adoption efforts coming up short

The Department of Energy, like every other federal agency, has significantly increased its use of cloud computing solutions over the past few years. And like these other agencies, the Energy Department has seen both successes and frustrations. The Office of Inspector General recently conducted a through audit of the Energy Department’s cloud adoption progress and the policies in place to ... Read More »

Enterprise Cloud Risk Management: How Datapipe can help

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As cloud computing usage continues to increase within enterprises, so, too, does the importance of cloud risk management. Without best practices and high-quality security solutions, organizations cannot hope to fully take advantage of this powerful technology. We recently offered several articles detailing key aspects of enterprise cloud risk management, including compliance and resilience issues. In this entry, we’ll take a ... Read More »

Government agencies experiencing similar cloud deployment problems

Without a doubt, cloud computing has proven itself to be a major asset for government agencies at the federal, state and even local level. These solutions deliver cost-savings, improved interdepartmental cooperation and more. Yet even the biggest supporters of cloud computing in the public sector must acknowledge that the adoption process doesn’t always go off without issues. The Government Accountability Office ... Read More »