Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cloud monitoring services go beyond security

As always, the topic of cloud security is receiving a tremendous amount of attention. An ever-increasing number and variety of companies are now in the process of deploying cloud services for the first time, while earlier adopters are starting to rely on the cloud to a greater degree. While these trends are only possible thanks to the diminished concerns surrounding ... Read More »

Choose the right MSP for effective cloud monitoring

Companies of all kinds are now well aware of the advantages that cloud computing can offer. They understand that cloud services can deliver greater flexibility, efficiency, productivity and cost savings than legacy computing solutions, and that these advantages are a necessity for businesses that want to maintain a competitive advantage in their sectors in the coming years. At the same time, ... Read More »

Expertise, experience key factors for successful cloud security monitoring

Whenever business decision-makers consider the topic of cloud adoption, security inevitably enters into the conversation. Security fears were among the leading reasons why organizations were so slow to embrace cloud computing in the first place. Now that cloud adoption is accelerating rapidly, security remains a serious concern for virtually every firm interested in the technology. These concerns are often exaggerated, ... Read More »

Achieving cloud security a full-time job

Achieving cloud security a full-time job

Every month, hundreds of companies enter the realm of cloud computing for the first time. In many of these cases, the firms' decision-makers have long harbored interest in cloud services, but hesitated to adopt the technology for a number of reasons. Without a doubt the most common of these factors was cloud security. For years, business professionals and IT personnel ... Read More »

Why the cloud is like a home security system

For any homeowners looking to protect their property and their families, home security systems are an excellent option. With such a system in place, any break-in will be immediately detected and quickly reported to the police. And the simple fact that a home security system is present will often be enough to deter a would-be burglar from targeting a protected house. ... Read More »

SaaS now common option for mission-critical workloads

The path toward broad cloud adoption has not been entirely smooth. Since the technology first entered the mainstream, it has evolved from a cutting-edge solution used primarily by high-tech companies to a standard resource for businesses of all kinds. Critically, the way that organizations utilize cloud services has also changed a great deal. Whereas in the past many firms' leaders ... Read More »

Hosted private cloud + AWS: A winning hybrid IT strategy

Cloud computing may not be an old technology, but it’s already evolved and diversified quite dramatically since its earliest days. A relatively limited market has matured tremendously, and business leaders now have many available options when considering which approach to embrace. For a while, private cloud deployments were widely seen as the ideal option. Then, more companies began to shift ... Read More »

Secure cloud deployments depend upon comprehensive awareness

In the not-so-distant past, the issue of cloud adoption was a difficult decision for business leaders to grapple with. That's no longer the case, as cloud adoption eventually proved itself to be the obvious choice. Now, these decision-makers need to move on and determine the best strategy for achieving successful cloud deployments. Critically, this includes developing a robust, dependable plan ... Read More »

Enterprises must be wary of varied cloud threats

Enterprises must be wary of varied cloud threats

Adopting cloud services in the enterprise is essentially a no-brainer by this point. The advantages are too great for any organization to ignore, and delaying implementation can put a company at a major competitive disadvantage. That being said, though, it's also important for enterprise leaders to acknowledge that successful cloud adoption is not as simple as flipping a switch. There are ... Read More »

Forrester Names Datapipe Hosted Private Cloud Leader

Datapipe has long been considered a global leader in managed hybrid IT solutions for the enterprise. We work hard to deliver the best solutions to our customers and we are honored to announce that Datapipe has been recognized as one of two industry leaders by Forrester Research, Inc. in ”The Forrester Wave™: Hosted Private Cloud Solutions, Q4 2014” report. This ... Read More »