Thursday, August 21, 2014

Federal agencies turn to the hybrid cloud

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Federal agencies have several special considerations that influence their IT infrastructure and other technology decisions. In addition to facing restrictions over budgets and staff that the private sector may not have to overcome, governmental organizations often need to uphold stringent data security and privacy requirements, particularly if they’re handling information that contains personal data or topics that could affect domestic ... Read More »

Cloud migration increasingly important for law firms

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Cloud computing is rapidly becoming a standard resource for organizations in nearly every sector. This means many organizations that until recently resisted the appeal of cloud services must now take immediate steps to implement these solutions. This scenario is particularly commonplace in the legal field. Generally, law firms have been relatively late to turn to cloud computing technology. Now, however, ... Read More »

Overcoming big data challenges in health care

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Electronic health records are becoming the norm in the medical field. In addition to offering advantages for health care providers and patients in terms of information accessibility and fast, easy ways to share data with other members of patients’ care teams, the platform provides opportunities for deep analytics. By reporting on and assessing patient trends, treatment outcomes, demographic characteristics and ... Read More »

Cloud offers myriad, wide-ranging benefits

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By now, the value of cloud computing solutions for organizations of all kinds is fairly well established. Business leaders have read about the cloud, heard about the cloud and gained enough first-hand experience to acknowledge the technology’s general value. Yet despite this trend, many decision-makers fail to fully appreciate just how beneficial cloud services can prove for their organizations. In particular, the ... Read More »

Cloud offers greater big data analytics opportunities

datapipe big data analytics

Big data analytics has the potential to radically transform a business’s operations. With these solutions, firms can gain unprecedented insight into their own inner workings, as well as customer behavior and industry trends. This knowledge offers a major competitive advantage to firms in virtually every sector. In the past, though, these advantages were available only to large enterprises that could afford ... Read More »

Cloud computing a transformative tool for small businesses

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The past few years have seen an extraordinary development of cloud technology both in scope and in capabilities. Organizations now have diverse options to choose from, and entities large and small have taken advantage of cloud solutions that fit their unique business requirements to support their success. A recent study by Emergent Research and Intuit Inc pointed to the ways ... Read More »

Achieving compliance in the cloud age

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Security has long been a major factor when businesses consider moving their services into a cloud computing environment. Many feared that taking this step would put their corporate data at risk of loss or theft. However, this is not really the case. In reality, cloud solutions are actually more secure than most legacy options - a fact that business decision-makers are ... Read More »

Financial sector takes on cloud computing

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The prospect of utilizing cloud services within the financial sector has traditionally been met with skepticism due to the need for the most stringent security and regulatory measures. However, with the advancement of cloud hosting options, this perspective is changing. According to recent research, the industry is poised to increase cloud adoption, taking advantage of the benefits offered by the ... Read More »