Friday, November 21, 2014

Cloud popularity growing, but security and implementation remain problems

The march toward universal cloud adoption seems virtually guaranteed by this point. Every day, more organizations take their first steps in this direction, adopting cloud services in some capacity. The advantages the cloud offers are simply too significant for even the smallest companies to ignore.  However, there is a major difference between beginning to use a single cloud-based service and ... Read More »

US health care cloud market growing fast

US health care cloud market growing fast

The health care industry is at the forefront when it comes to many new technologies. From MRIs to surgical tools to pharmaceuticals and beyond, few sectors see as much technological progress as this one. And yet, when it comes to cloud computing – arguably the single most important IT advancement of the past few years – the health care industry ... Read More »

Achieving cloud security is a question of management

Achieving cloud security is a question of management

The public's attitude toward cloud security has changed significantly in recent years. It used to be that business owners and decision-makers were so worried about cloud security that they largely resisted cloud services altogether. More recent surveys, and the sheer increase in the size of the cloud market, suggest that these concerns, while still present, are no longer such a barrier ... Read More »

Enterprises looking to public cloud for big data analytics, but security remains an obstacle

Two of the most powerful, significant IT trends of the past decade have been the rise of cloud computing and the growth of big data analytics. Companies around the world have recognized the value these technologies have to offer and eagerly embraced both. Now, increasingly, firms are looking to combine the two for even greater benefits. Specifically, a new study from GigaOM found that many ... Read More »

Datapipe delivers optimized cloud-based DR to TaylorMade Golf

Disaster recovery is a serious issue for every business. Disasters, both natural and man-made, can strike at any time, and organizations need to prepare if they want to bounce back in the event of the worst-case scenario. There are a number of basic strategies that firms pursue to this end. However, there is no better option for DR than a ... Read More »

Secure public cloud storage requires a comprehensive approach

One of the most significant technology developments of the past few years has been the explosion of data. According to a Science Daily study, 90 percent of all of the world's data in existence had been created in the past two years, as of May 2013. And there's no reason to believe the rate of data creation has dropped since then. ... Read More »

Why the cloud is like the the iPhone 6

Why the cloud is like the the iPhone 6

Just a few months ago, Apple released its eagerly anticipated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This new iPhone was and is a smashing success, sales-wise. The very first day the iPhone 6 went on sale for pre-orders, 4 million consumers put down payments for the device. Two days later, the total number of pre-orders was up to 10 million. ... Read More »

DDoS attacks demand new approach to cloud security

Cloud security is a major issue for virtually every company, and with good reason. There are countless threats, all of which are constantly becoming more sophisticated and threatening. Firms need to make sure their cloud services remain fully protected at all times.  Fortunately, this is very possible to achieve.  Consider, for example, distributed denial-of-service attacks. DDoS has long been a ... Read More »

Datapipe Access Control Model for AWS (DACMA): Bringing deeper, more secure AWS adoption to the enterprise

As a business, your IT infrastructure is your foundation. It runs your systems. It connects your employees with your customers. The success of your business is tied to having both an agile and flexible IT foundation as well as one that is highly efficient and cost effective. Running key parts of your enterprise IT on the AWS public cloud provides ... Read More »

Datapipe joins with Equinix to deliver hybrid IT solutions for AWS

Datapipe has long been at the forefront of the hybrid IT solutions industry. We’re also well-established as a leading provider of managed services for AWS services. Now, our offerings are about to become even better, thanks to a new partnership with Equinix. We’re pleased to announce a collaborated effort to deliver Hybrid IT Solutions for AWS. Equinix and Datapipe – A ... Read More »