Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Successful cloud governance depends on nuanced understanding

Ever since cloud computing first began to gain traction as a mainstream IT resource, cloud security has been a popular topic of discussion. For quite a while, business leaders were wary of adopting cloud services specifically because they were perceived to be less secure than legacy alternatives. As time has passed, most IT decision-makers have come to realize that, with ... Read More »

Datapipe Acquires GoGrid – A Roundup of Reactions

On January 20th, 2015, Datapipe announced the acquisition of GoGrid, a respected provider in managed cloud and dedicated servers, and a leader in cloud orchestration and big data solutions. Tech media and influencers responded quickly with analysis and reactions to the acquisition, and its implications for the industry. Below is a collection of articles and quotes that caught our eye: “…Managed ... Read More »

Multi-clouds offer greater potential value

Until fairly recently, the biggest argument running through the world of cloud computing was the question of private versus public. Private clouds offered a greater degree of security and control, but public cloud services have the potential to minimize costs. The right choice often depended on each organization's unique goals and requirements. Now, though, this issue has largely been settled. ... Read More »

Multi-cloud orchestration a useful but complex strategy

Multi-cloud orchestration can yield tremendous benefits for companies eager to improve their cloud capabilities. Multi-cloud orchestration is a natural component of hybrid IT deployments, which enable businesses to take advantage of the unique benefits offered by private, public and community clouds, while avoiding the detrimental aspects of each. Consequently, it's a fairly safe bet that multi-cloud deployments will see their ... Read More »

Datapipe’s Acquisition of GoGrid: Two Industry Pioneers Create New Levels of Customer Value in the Cloud Era

Datapipe has long been a leader and innovator in the managed IT services industry. We have carved out a unique space for ourselves in the market, delivering unprecedented customer value through cutting edge solutions in the security, integration and management of multiple cloud platforms, including AWS. We are constantly seeking to expand our services and empower our customers with the ... Read More »

Multi-cloud orchestration offers major backup benefits

Cloud computing is here to stay. The technology has easily passed the point where it can be considered a questionable or risky resource – instead, cloud services are now widely and correctly seen as basic essentials for businesses in every sector. Company leaders who previously fretted about whether or not to deploy cloud solutions now focus on the question of ... Read More »

Retailers increasingly turning to big data analytics

As big data analytics tools become more affordable and usable, the technology's influence is both growing and expanding into new sectors. Businesses that have barely touched big data in the past few years are now fully embracing these assets, eager to take advantage of the insight that these solutions may bring.  This trend is clearly visible in the retail sector. ... Read More »

Expanding big data uses will require upgraded platforms

Big data has established itself as one of the most powerful resources available to companies today. The technology, once used by only the most technologically innovative enterprises, is now widely accessible, and valuable, to firms in every sector. As Techvibes recently highlighted, there are a number of major changes on the horizon in the big data space. These developments will present ... Read More »

Enterprise exploration of big data projects to accelerate in 2015

Big data analytics is still a relatively immature technology. While there can be no doubt that these efforts can yield major, positive results, many large-scale organizations have not yet developed robust, ongoing strategies and solutions in this area. This status quo is quickly changing, however. As InfoWorld recently highlighted, 2015 is likely to see enterprises make significant advancements in terms ... Read More »