DataStax Enterprise - Datapipe

DataStax Enterprise

DataStax Enterprise is the enterprise-class NoSQL platform for data-driven, real-time online applications. DataStax Enterprise cluster deployment is easy with pre-defined clusters and 1-Button Deploy™ technology on Datapipe.

Sample Production Cluster Topology

Use Cases

  • Personalization – Simplify creating custom user profiles and bring to light products and services that your customer may not be aware of. DataStax easily manages massive volumes of dynamic data for search and analysis of user activity to deliver the most engaging experience possible. Multi-data center and cloud replication ensure your app is always on while scaling to any size, in the Cloud, on-Premise and across the globe.
  • Messaging – Real-time monitoring and alerts across channels, sites and data centers facilities interactions via online discussions, social media engagement and shared activities. Easily manage high volumes of dynamic data to store, search and analyze user activity. DataStax is optimized for continuous availability and disaster recovery and makes the management of large scale messaging solutions easy.
  • Internet of Things – Rely on the database designed for the age of the Internet of Things. DataStax is built from the ground up to consume time-series and sensor-based information faster than any other database. Easily add scale and capacity while maintaining 100% uptime – no matter what. Search and analyze information to deliver mind blowing experiences that will drive engagement and growth.