Big Data - Datapipe

Datapipe Big Data Solutions

Datapipe Big Data solutions combine global network connectivity, a robust enterprise grade infrastructure, and global data centers with big data software for a comprehensive managed solution that can be customized to meet specific client requirements.

1-Button DeployTM

Datapipe's 1-Button Deploy TM cloud solutions remove significant hurdles for customers looking to pilot new Big Data solutions. Businesses no longer have to waste the time or expense to procure hardware and configure a technology they want to evaluate.

Big Data Opportunity

Enterprises know the transformative power big data can have on any industry. At its core, harnessing data available enables new levels of insight and value creation that can span all functions within a business.

Big Data Challenge

As with any new opportunity, big data presents complex challenges to Enterprise IT. Generating insights requires supporting modern workloads with technology agile enough to handle a data deluge. Understanding how to select and run the right set of technologies is critical to beating out industry competition.

Big Data Success with Datapipe

Datapipe is the ideal partner for identifying and selecting the best in breed big data solutions specific to your business. We have the expertise to help you choose the right set of technologies, deploy rapidly with our orchestration engine and seamlessly scale to production.

Datapipe Big Data Cloud solutions are architected to meet complex requirements for business applications that require scalability, high-velocity performance, and continuous availability. The benefits of these solutions include:

  • Elastic scalability
  • Always-on architecture
  • Flexible data storage
  • Enterprise-class security features
  • Real-time and batch analytics
  • Enterprise support with performance reviews and recommendations
  • All solutions are monitored and managed with the same ITIL-based service framework and governance, with 24x7 monitoring and support