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Database management is complex, resource-consuming, and requires expertise that must be constantly updated. It's critical to your success. But managing your database doesn't have to take valuable resources away from your core business goals. Datapipe provides high-performance hosted database services on dedicated servers, our hosted private cloud, AWS or Azure.

A complete set of database services, in one place.

From creating the appropriate foundational system architecture to maintaining dependable connectivity management, Datapipe's expert Database Administrators will remove the workload and worry of maintaining your database in optimum performance condition.

Storage Architecture

It's critical to deploy databases on a proper storage underpinning. We ensure proper disk storage implementation that separates the OS from the disk layer, separates the database from the backup disks, and isolates I/O bottlenecks to discrete disk storage that can be tuned for the required workloads.

Software Management

Proper installation and configuration of essential software are critical for database functionality. Our certified DBAs install and optimize a variety of SQL and NoSQL software options.

Database Migration

Our DBAs analyze, capture any existing requirements, and facilitate clients’ in-house database migrations to Datapipe facilities or managed clouds. We also specialize in migrations to hybrid connected platforms and vendor-to-vendor migrations (e.g. Oracle to Microsoft SQL-Server).

Database Maintenance

Our proactive and responsive DBAs will help transfer your data, install software patches, assist with data migration from dev to QA to production, perform and monitor database backups, monitor and correct database health issues, and apply database changes upon your request.

Data Recovery

You can rely on us for always-on responsive support that specialize in infrastructure failure identification, database reconstruction, and data recovery for storage failures or accidental deletions (hey, it happens).


Our DBAs ensure uninterrupted communication between your applications and databases, and identify and correct database tasks that are not tuned for optimal performance. We can also assist clients in designing connection pooling strategies to maximize usability of their database infrastructure.

Capacity Planning

We work collaboratively with clients to deploy infrastructure that can be scaled up with new demands (as opposed to a rebuild), identify disk space shortages and recommend workarounds before they impact normal operations, and determine when RAM or CPU upgrades will benefit overall DB workloads.

Data Warehouse

For clients with large data warehouses, we provide storage and data lifecycle management that places most recent data on fast storage, older data on mid-tier storage, and the oldest data on low-cost storage. This optimization helps clients allocate resources efficiently across their spectrum of needs.

Backup & Export

Our database services include hot backup, a backup performed while the database is running, and exports that convert a database to a text file for maximum portability.

Security & Auditing

Our advanced security and encryption services help protect the integrity of your databases, while our audit features help you comply with third-party security standards such as HIPAA, PCI and FISMA.

Event Notification

We customize our alert system to your desires. Based on the alert, tickets are created to notify the Support Team as to when you want to be contacted. We then collaborate with you to resolve problems within agreed upon timeframes.

Automated Reporting

Databases we manage are configured to generate reports that provide your team with real-time status updates for your databases and associated content.

"Datapipe's expertise in running Oracle databases, networking and security allows us to present an umbrella of services that are running on Datapipe’s solution."

"Leveraging Datapipe's cloud, HP and Oracle expertise, I was able to get a system that's exponentially faster with a savings of 35% over our prior solution.”

Tom Rumberg, Vice President of Technology, Provade

Take advantage of our breadth of database expertise

Our partnerships with leading database suppliers and platforms provides you with the highest level of support with leading technologies. Datapipe is an Oracle Gold Partner, a Microsoft Gold Hosting Partner, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, and a MongoDB certified partner among others.

SQL Database Management

Datapipe supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle databases running on cloud or dedicated infrastructure. Running Oracle RAC environments can be a complex task for enterprises, but our experience assist clients on designs with their depth of knowledge on Oracle products and database clustering and associated technologies. Whether those solutions are running on Solaris, Windows or Linux/Unix Operating systems, Datapipe experts can design and support a wide variety of solutions.

NoSQL Database Management

Datapipe supports NoSQL database deployments, ensuring the performance, scalability, security and availability meets enterprise-level requirements. Our experts assist clients in architecting the complete stack of the solution from the network to the database. We supports a broad array of platforms to design a solution to meet client specific requirements, including partnering with MongoDB to offer a fully-supported and monitored MongoDB solution.