Vulnerability Assessment - Datapipe

Vulnerability Assessment

Datapipe vulnerability assessment provides a non-intrusive solution for securing your digital assets against even the most recently discovered vulnerabilities.

According to the CERT Institute, 99 percent of network attacks leverage known vulnerabilities. Datapipe's vulnerability assessment services provide you with proactive steps to eliminate the multitude of vulnerabilities confronting your enterprise. Datapipe utilizes market-leading assessment solutions to locate threats, assess their risks, and devise and implement a plan that will allow you to improve security and protect your valuable data. So if it’s a known vulnerability, you know you’re covered.

Datapipe leverages Rapid7’s market leading NeXpose® vulnerability management solution. NeXpose scans Web applications, databases, networks, operating systems and other software products to locate threats, assess their risk to the environment, and devise a remediation plan. NeXpose received a “Strong Positive” from Gartner for providing unsurpassed vulnerability management and risk reporting over your entire network.