Two-factor Authentication - Datapipe

Two-factor Authentication

Requiring a second factor of authentication significantly increases your system security by removing the risk of unauthorized access by a password that has been compromised.  

Datapipe's Two-factor Authentication service combines traditional password authentication with certificate authentication as the second factor. System access is granted only upon successful authentication of both factors.

In this day of mobile computing, remote authentication creates unprecedented security challenges.  From day one, our CISSP certified security team will assist you in defining a specific and clear plan for securing your solution. We work with you from planning through implementation to ensure that remote users are properly authenticated prior to receiving access.

Currently there are three primary factors for authenticating individuals to a system:

  • "Something you know" – such as a password or PIN
  • "Something you have" – such as a digital certificate, physical security token, or credit card
  • "Something you are" – such as a fingerprint, retina, or iris scan

Because passwords are under constant risk of compromise from various techniques such as brute forcing, spyware, viruses, key loggers, dumpster diving, or social engineering, Datapipe requires two of the above listed factors for authentication.