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Intrusion Detection Services

Real-time threat awareness and continuous vulnerability discovery provide the timely information that allows IT staff to make critical decisions about risk.

Security incidents and breaches continue to rise year after year, even as companies of all sizes invest billions of dollars into security. The primary cause for this gap is the belief that security problems can be solved by continuously adding security infrastructure. In reality, security requires management, decision making support and a risk management tool designed, implemented and monitored by experienced intrusion detection professionals. Datapipe’s intrusion detection service utilizes Alert Logic’s Threat manager combined with 24/7 monitoring by our team of IDS experts to provide ironclad protection against the steady increase in attacks on your network. 

Datapipe's Intrusion Detection Services provide comprehensive managed intrusion support through:

Automated IDS analysis

Integrated attack detection and vulnerability assessment, backed by target aware and intelligently adaptable solutions.

Accurate identification of risk

Our systems identify real incidents with fewer false alarms, conserving valuable resources. The threat level of all attacks is dynamically scored through Network Threat Management and an automated IDS analysis process.

Valuable ongoing support for smooth workflow and peace of mind

Our customized systems are always tuned and configured for your solution, with 24/7 monitoring of advanced threats by a team of trained IDS experts.