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Event Management

Datapipe's Event Management solution combines real-time log management, behavioral analysis and compliance management into a single solution. 

Regulatory pressures such as FTC Red Flag Rules and HITECH, along with industry mandates such as PCI DSS, have brought log management to the forefront of the security manager’s agenda. Not only is the collection and secure storage of log data important, but there is an increasing demand for routine analysis and review of the data. We utilize Alert Logic’s Log Manager to provide agentless collection, log storage, reporting and alerting, correlation, monitoring and workflow management in a single solution, enabling you to respond quickly to suspicious activity and keep workflow running smoothly and efficiently.

Datapipe's Event Management Services offer powerful technology backed by experienced professionals:

Easy collection and storage of log data

Datapipe’s security team configures all log sources to generate system and security related event logs. Without the need for agents, log collection is easy across the enterprise.

Automatic correlation for easy retrieval

Logs are forwarded to Alert Logic's Security Operations Center where they will be reviewed daily for suspicious activity, correlated into a single web interface for quick access and easy reporting, and stored for one year.

Critical custom alerting

Our custom-designed correlation rules immediately identify suspicious activity. Alerts can be sent directly to your inbox, mobile phone or ticketing system.

Search and report for smooth workflow

Our systems continually search, report and pivot log data. Regulatory compliance and outage detection are easily automated to ensure peace of mind.

Ironclad validation with customized escalation

Our security experts validate the legitimacy and severity of generated incidents and immediately escalate in accordance with the client’s customized Solution Escalation Action Plan (SEAP). Audit trails and integrity checks ensure that all review and escalation activities are performed as required.

Vigilant monitoring

 Our experts handle the ongoing and vital daily review of your organization’s log data for suspicious activity.