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Data Encryption

Our data encryption services maintain the integrity and security of your information and your business.

Data is a critical asset that becomes a liability if not properly managed and secured. Protecting your data protects your business. We provide our clients with high-level data protection through selective and highly secure, column-level encryption for easy deployment, high performance and scalability.

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Clearly-defined security policies secure valuable information

Datapipe’s encryption offerings enable you to define what information needs to be protected, who has access to this information, when and how it should be accessed, and from what machines and/or applications data can be accessed. This includes the capability to restrict view access to sensitive data from either security or database administrators.

Track and automate encryption key management tasks

We provide the capability to centralize all key management tasks on a single platform and effectively automate key management administration, including an automated and secure mechanism for key rotation, replication, and backup.

Robust auditing and reporting provide insight and integrity on corporate policy

Data Encryption provides tamperproof auditing that tracks all authorized and unauthorized attempts to access protected data as well as any changes to security policies. Datapipe Data Encryption even tracks activities of the database administrator (DBA) with respect to sensitive data, and provides a complete audit report of all these activities. All log records are encrypted and protected.

Flexible applications work with all major databases

We provide encryption support for all major relational databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2. Our solutions are available on industry standard UNIX and Windows environments, as well as IBM iSeries and zSeries environments.