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HIPAA Compliant Hosting & Cloud Solutions

Datapipe's HIPAA-compliant infrastructure and management services solve the complexity and ongoing effort of HIPAA compliance for healthcare organizations and solution providers.

datapipe hipaa complianceFor organization in the Healthcare industry, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has sped the movement to electronic health records, stronger data protection, and better access to patient records. However, it’s also introduced serious penalties for organizations that fail to abide by its guidelines, including multimillion dollar fines and serious reputation damage.

Fortunately, Datapipe’s comprehensive HIPAA compliant hosting and cloud solutions can help organizations meet all relevant standards, optimizing security and performance in the process. We deliver best-in-class network infrastructure, physical security and technical controls, all of which helps to ensure your patients’ protected health information (PHI) truly stays safe.

Datapipe offers HIPAA compliant hosting to a wide range of organizations in the healthcare sector. These include hospitals, care providers, payer networks, ISVs and other entities that store, transmit and process PHI data. Our HIPAA compliant cloud hosting solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique compliance and security challenges our clients face on a daily basis.

Datapipe’s HIPAA Compliance Solution

Datapipe leverages the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) as a prescriptive security baseline for implementing controls for our hosted HIPAA solutions. This standard outlines a comprehensive framework of detailed security controls, technologies, and implementation standards for securing credit card data. We’ve augmented our PCI compliance solutions with HIPAA-specific policies, procedures, safeguards to protect client data and PHI, in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

Our HIPAA compliant hosting services utilize advanced technologies and sophisticated strategies to ensure our customers can meet and exceed HIPAA requirements. These tools and practices include:

  • Support: Our trained experts work with your company to design and implement the ideal approach to HIPAA compliant hosting. These professionals fully understand HIPAA requirements, and will combine that knowledge with your business needs. We also conduct regular reviews of your cloud or dedicated solution to optimize performance, in addition to ad hoc customer service.
  • Monitoring: We deliver 24x7 monitoring for your environment, along with first-responder issue escalation in the event of abnormal or suspicious activity.  
  • Server Management: We will handle any and all aspects of server management, from antivirus and antimalware remediation to log analysis to host vulnerability scanning and beyond.
  • Database Management: We will actively monitor and manage your cloud-based database, delivering data backup, capacity planning, account audits, change management documentation and more.
  • Network Administration: In addition to performance monitoring, change management and configuration backups, we provide audit support, security scanning of network devices and two-factor authentication support. This keeps your network safe, compliant and as efficient as possible.

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The Benefits of Datapipe’s HIPAA Compliance Management

At Datapipe, we deliver not just HIPAA compliant hosting infrastructure, but complete compliance process management. Datapipe’s HIPAA compliance management services can deliver major benefits for your organization:

  • Gain Momentum - Move your business forward by focusing on your core competencies instead of compliance.
  • Reallocate Resources - Spend less on infrastructure, staff and training.
  • Mitigate Risk - Maintain your state of compliance, reducing risk and scope. Our HIPAA experts ensure your solution remains up to date as this law evolves and new regulations appear.
  • Improve Stability - Trust your apps to run on a high-availability, secure infrastructure.
  • Competitive Advantage - Deliver trust and credibility to your customers, paving the way for bigger opportunities.
  • Secure Cloud - Leverage the latest scalable compliant cloud architecture.
  • Boost Agility - Deploy your HIPAA compliant solution faster; ease audits with reduced scope and discovery time.
  • Maintain Data Integrity - Securely back-up and recover sensitive data.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Options

We offer several HIPAA compliant cloud options for healthcare entities and software or service providers, each designed to meet your organizations’ distinct needs while upholding compliance standards.

  • Private cloud: This solution provides physical resources for your use only, along with virtualization technologies that enable the elasticity and agility for which the cloud is known.
  • Public cloud: In a public cloud deployment, you share physical resources with other organizations that have similar needs, such as other organizations that must comply with HIPAA.
  • Hybrid cloud: Our hybrid HIPAA compliant cloud offering utilizes both private and public servers to maximize efficiency without sacrificing security or performance.

In each scenario, our cloud servers meet HIPAA standards through the use of industry-leading physical and technical security measures, along with carefully controlled administrative policies and procedures.

Datapipe as a Business Associate

As a managed IT service provider doing business with healthcare organizations, Datapipe is a maintainer of the infrastructure of client systems that handles ePHI. While Datapipe employees do not manage or operate healthcare applications directly, and therefore do not have a business need to access or alter such ePHI, its employees do have a need to administratively manage such systems. Therefore, as a maintainer of ePHI, Datapipe will enter into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with a CE provided that the compliance package is elected in its entirety. This package has been specifically designed as a result of Datapipe’s internal risk assessment to help safeguard client ePHI, reduce risk of disclosure, and comply with the regulations as mandated by the OCR.

Datapipe HIPAA Compliance Package

Datapipe meets all HIPAA Administrative Safeguards (§164.308) and Physical Safeguards (§164.310) with respect to its policies, procedures, processes, employees, and data centers worldwide as applicable to Business Associates and Datapipe’s services. Additionally, election of Datapipe’s Compliance Package – HIPAA Edition aids CE’s in addressing Technical Safeguards (§164.312) as required by HIPAA regulations.