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Data & Analytics Services From Datapipe

As your organization evolves, analytic solutions originally designed to meet your business requirements may no longer be aligned to meet your future needs. You may also require additional or enhanced analytics services to augment your current solutions. The Datapipe team can help maximize the highest return on your investment and optimize your analytics for advancement now and in the future.

Our big data expertise from traditional hardware infrastructure to multi-cloud environments can create customized solutions for performance and cost. Our analytics expertise spanning business insights to internet-of-things sensor data analyses can unlock hidden value in the data you already collect.


Data Strategy Consulting and Assessment

A critical first step to ensure you achieve the highest return on big data investments is to design a data strategy.  A data strategy will allow your business to make the right investments through:

  • Identification of high value data assets and new ways to leverage them
  • Enhanced operations
  • Reduced costs
  • New monetization pathways

Designing a data strategy begins with an assessment of the current state of your technology and applications. Key benefits:

  • Discovering and auditing internal and external data sources
  • Finding potential correlations between your data sources and business objectives
  • Creating a roadmap of potential data solutions and products that can be developed using the existing data sources
  • Prototyping high-priority data products to determine if further investment is warranted

This assessment will provide us with information to develop an effective blueprint and delivery roadmap for big data.

Data Architecture Consulting

Are you challenged with legacy platforms built with inefficient and unscalable tools? Your customers may be experiencing a siloed set of data sources and applications that are not easy to use and scale.

Successful data platforms require access to multiple data sources. Analyzing data in real time is crucial and security and governance remains just as important.

The big data ecosystem is saturated with different tools and cloud solutions.  Datapipe will provide you with the right tools and services to build a cost effective, scalable platform.

Key benefits:

  • Migration of current legacy data infrastructures to a more modern cloud native architecture
  • Unified siloed data sources into single data source
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Reduced operational burdens and reduced cost and time to market
  • Security best practices and organization governance to how users access data. This includes data access audits, authorization and authentication.
  • The right vendors for your data processing needs


Data Platform Implementation

Once data architecture consulting phase is complete, customers receive a blueprint and roadmap recommendation. The next step is to implement your data platform.

Building cloud native data processing infrastructures can be time consuming and challenging.  During the Data Platform Implementation phase, Datapipe will provide hands on expertise to build and automate your cloud data infrastructure.

Key benefits with an "automate everywhere" mentality:

  • Infrastructure deployment using best of breed tools like Chef, Puppet, and Amazon CloudFormation
  • Security best practices, data protection and governance

Ready to invest in big data but unsure of where to begin? Check out these use cases to spark your innovation.

  • Blueprint for low latency data ingest pipeline with Amazon Kinesis
  • Blueprint for stream processing pipeline with Spark Streaming and Amazon Kinesis
  • Blueprint for efficient ETL pipeline with Amazon Kinesis and Apache Spark
  • Blueprint for building a cost effective Data warehousing solution using Apache Spark or Amazon Redshift
  • Blueprint for data source consolidation using Apache Spark, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Apache Sqoop, Apache Flume and other solutions
  • Blueprint for data security and governance
  • Blueprint for data catalogue and metadata repository
  • Blueprint for machine learning applications using Apache Spark
  • Blueprint for picking the right storage format: Parquet, Avro, Thrift, ORC and etc.
  • Blueprint for automating data processing infrastructures using Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Amazon CloudFormation


Data Platform Management

With Datapipe’s Managed Services, your in-house team can focus on high-level efforts while Datapipe’s certified professionals ensure your systems maintain all performance expectations. Datapipe does not meter managed services and offers cost predictability and service reliability so clients gain the most out of their technology.

Ready to learn more and design your data strategy? Request a consultation today.