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Datapipe Cloud Enablement Services

Start your cloud adoption strategy with assessment and design services

Remain competitive in business today and in the future by embracing the full benefits of the cloud. A successful cloud strategy starts with a full assessment of your current IT and business applications with a comprehensive migration plan to move some or all of your computing workloads to the cloud.

Need help with your cloud adoption strategy?

Moving to the cloud can be complex and many find they don’t have the knowledge and expertise they need to get started. Datapipe helps customers with the cloud every day and can help you develop a comprehensive cloud strategy with our Cloud Enablement Services.

Cloud Enablement Services are ideal for customers who:

  • Desire a move to a Datapipe managed cloud platform, but don't have a plan to get there
  • Need to consolidate scattered assets to a centralized, managed setup
  • Lack internal cloud expertise to asses landscape
  • Desire a partner to focus on getting them up and running vs. a large consulting contract with a long engagement
  • Would benefit from Datapipe's proprietary, end-to-end cloud enablement process
  • Lack understanding or visibility of internal systems and applications
  • Lack cloud engineering expertise to execute a migration and cloud build
  • Desire lifecycle management of an MSP vs. do-it-yourself

Begin with a Cloud Discovery and Design Assessment

Cloud Enablement Services give you access to Datapipe’s proprietary best practices and expertise from cloud experts who understand both cloud and traditional IT. You’ll collaborate with Datapipe’s professionals to assess your current environment. Unlike a “one size fits all” platform or solution, your strategic cloud plan is unique to your business needs. We focus on understanding your current business and technical state to match your needs to the appropriate platform, whether that is AWS, Azure, VMWare, Cloudstack, dedicated, or colocation.

PLAN: Cloud Discovery and Design:

This phase builds the foundation for your strategic cloud adoption and migration plan and begins with interviews with key IT personnel and a review of your environment. Based on the assessment, Datapipe experts do a deep dive discovery of your architecture and infrastructure and deliver a customized migration plan.

  • Deep dive investigation of current architecture state, security, and governance
  • Application catalog and cloud readiness evaluation
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) Assessment
  • Design migration estimate and plan

BUILD: Cloud Migration and Integration

This phase utilizes the migration plan from the PLAN phase and builds your environment.

  • Execute the migration of your applications and data
  • Solution integration, testing, and validation

RUN: Cloud Operation and Optimization

Clients transition to a managed services platform.

  • 24x7x365 support, governance, security, and monitoring
  • Tuning and optimization
  • Backup and disaster recovery
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