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Managed Services

Datapipe’s managed hosting services deliver superior efficiency, productivity and security for your company. Our deep experience and expertise make Datapipe the ideal choice for managing sensitive, business-critical infrastructure and IT processes, allowing your in-house team to focus on higher-level efforts.

datapipe team approachAt Datapipe, we take the time to get to know your business – completely. Our global perspective is informed by a deep understanding of your technical requirements and business goals, allowing us to provide smart, scalable, managed hosting services optimized for your enterprise. Every solution we deliver is supported by a dedicated team of experienced, certified professionals with specific knowledge about your needs and your unique business objectives. Priority one for this team is to understand your application as well as you do – to leverage its power, optimize its performance and ensure its security.

Datapipe’s Spectrum of Managed Hosting Solutions

Our comprehensive suite of managed cloud and hosting services allows our clients to focus on their core business, while relying on Datapipe as their single point of accountability for IT infrastructure. We deliver best-in-class performance and security, and all of our offerings are designed to meet rigorous compliance standards. You’ll work with qualified engineers and service pros to develop, deliver and maintain your ideal managed solution.

Managed Cloud

Get the scalability and efficiency of the cloud, built and managed by our experienced cloud and security engineers. Find your perfect fit with our managed cloud for AWS, private cloud and hybrid offerings.

Managed Dedicated Servers

Deploy high-performance dedicated servers from our global network of data centers. We’ll build your infrastructure, and then maintain all aspect of your network, storage and compute resources.

Migration Services

Moving to a Datapipe cloud or data center? We’ll be with you every step, providing customized migration planning, documentation and execution for your applications, databases, hardware and more.

Monitoring Services

Sleep peacefully while our engineers provide 24/7 security and performance monitoring for your critical networks, environments and applications.

High-Performance Network

Maximize the speed, uptime and scalability of your website or application by delivering it via Datapipe’s fully-redundant network infrastructure and proprietary routing technology.

Operating System Management

Liberate your IT team from ongoing OS maintenance by relying on our team of certified Windows and Linux/Unix administrators for all aspects of installation, updates, monitoring and optimization.

In addition to the managed hosting services above, we provide services for each of the following elements, allowing you to use Datapipe as your single point of accountability for IT infrastructure.

 To learn more about our how our managed hosting services can go to work for you, request a quote or contact us.