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Managed Exchange

Secure, consistent, and efficiently managed messaging infrastructure. Datapipe's Managed Exchange as a Service solution allows you to offload the burden of managing your own Exchange solution.

Move your data painlessly

Datapipe provides you with complete migration support as part of its comprehensive Managed Exchange as a Service offering. Exchange migration includes AD, containing all users mailbox data, emails, calendar items, task lists, and contacts. The migration of an existing solution to a Datapipe environment allows you to upgrade to the latest software versions, customize your solutions to specific requirements, and receive the benefits of Datapipe’s managed services.


Datapipe's solution also offers the benefits of flexible implementation, delivering services that allow to customize email size limits and retention periods. This approach also adds hardware resiliency and the supporting infrastructure required to meet each client's expanding business needs, giving you the economic scalability benefits of a cloud-based service, in a private environment.

Enhance your solution for increased functionality


Included Services
  • Migration
  • Installation & configuration
  • Optimization based off of Microsoft's best practices
  • Monitoring & Support
  • Patch management & version upgrades
Optional Services
  • Spam filtering
  • Unified Communications (Lync)
  • Mailbox/Message Archiving
  • Mobile Device Management

Datapipe's Private Solution

Shared Exchange Solution



Message Size



Dedicated resources provide more features, fewer limitations, and greater flexibility. Clients receive greater control over their custom environment, without requiring additional human and material resources needed to maintain that environment. The ability to integrate with client-side or third-party applications.

A shared environment can have messages queued due to resource constraints, leading to message delivery delays.
Inability to integrate with client-side applications and software.

Maintenance schedules are tailored to meet the client’s specific needs.

Maintenance scheduled on a bulk basis.

Flexibility in setup including ability to tcustomize message size limits.

Message size limits defined at the discretion of the shared hosting provider.

Clients configure their own policies, including:
• Mailbox size limitation and group-level outgoing mail limits
• Attachment size limitations
• Retention periods
• Restrictions by job group or function
• Hub transport rules to restrict employees from the sending of SSNs, DOBs or other sensitive data
• Restrict/allow users to forward company email to personal email boxes
• Deleted items clean up period
• Calendar clean up period

Must adhere to a shared hosting company’s default, one-size-fits-all policy.

Ability to layer on advanced security services and customize security policies, including:
• Event Management
• Intrusion Detection Services (IDS)
• Vulnerability Assessment Scans
• Audit Logging Capabilities
• Data leak prevention
Can leverage third-party security certifications for client compliance efforts.

Limited feature set with non-customizable security policies.


Managed ExchangeMCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator
Microsoft Certified IT Professional
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Microsoft Gold Certified, Experienced Provider

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Datapipe provides clients with the latest tested/validated software, firmware, and driver versions for NICs, storage arrays, and other components. Each Managed Exchange solution is assembled in a single-tenant configuration of dedicated servers that Datapipe manages, including Active Directory integration with options for compliance-driven security requirements.

Datapipe technicians possess a comprehensive set of Microsoft certifications, ensuring each solution receives the highest level of support. Datapipe’s Managed Exchange offering comes with a dedicated server OS and full control of the Microsoft Exchange suite. This provides clients with enhanced capabilities and customization options without the added cost and complexity of hardware, maintenance, staffing, and upgrades.

Managed Exchange