Datapipe and FortyCloud Enhance AWS Security for the Enterprise

Two-factor VPN authentication combined with cloud network firewall brings users greater security, access and control over the public cloud

NEW YORK, AWS SUMMIT – July 9, 2015 – At AWS Summit New York, Datapipe, a global leader in managed hybrid IT solutions for the enterprise, today introduced a new security collaboration withFortyCloud, an innovative cloud security provider, to help enterprises secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments. The Datapipe – FortyCloud  solution, called 2Factor Secure Cloud Access, integrates Datapipe’s two-factor authentication service, Datapipe Auth, with FortyCloud’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) security model to deliver enhanced security, access and control to clients operating AWS environments, which allows for easier, more secure remote access of public cloud operations.

"Across industries, the benefits of operating a public cloud are well known; however, the risk of unleashing control of an organization’s data is still a great concern,” said Amit Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, FortyCloud. “With the added Datapipe Auth capability and the FortyCloud native capabilities, we will offer customers a complete enterprise-grade managed security solution for AWS to help remove the barriers associated with enterprise adoption of the public cloud."
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Key benefits of 2Factor Secure Cloud Access include:

  • Improved security practices – two-factor authentication puts a stop to common hacking practices such as brute force or password phishing by removing the risk of password compromise leading to unauthorized access
  • Secure remote access to the cloud – AWS users can now access data securely, regardless of their location, through Datapipe Auth combined with a secure encrypted VPN for remote access to AWS cloud resources
  • Enhanced manageability and control – customer administrators can control, monitor, and report on employee remote access. The Datapipe Auth portal also enables role based access, allowing clients to define roles for users and dynamically enforce access rights within AWS
  • Greater compliance – 2Factor Secure Cloud Access addresses numerous PCI DSS requirements such as two-factor authentication for remote access, secure remote access technologies using VPN, disabling of inactive users within 90 days, and limiting access based on employee role.

Integrating Datapipe Auth and FortyCloud

FortyCloud’s award-winning security offering combines software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined security (SDS) technologies. It includes necessary IT security elements such as AAA, encryption and firewall, in addition to identity-based access management and VPN. FortyCloud emulates the security standards of a private cloud in a public cloud environment by building a new software-defined private network over any cloud infrastructure deployment, and layering firewall and automation capabilities on top of it.

By adding Datapipe Auth to FortyCloud, clients are provided an extra layer of security through the use of two identification methods that verify a user’s identity and automatically enforce permissions to access remote systems, based on the industry standard RADIUS. Client administrators can manage users and tokens directly to assign and restrict access permissions, allowing for a greater level of user control. In addition, Datapipe and FortyCloud users can access their data from anywhere leveraging native operating system VPNs, and by installing the Datapipe Auth Token Manager application, available via a desktop computer or mobile phone. The token application is available on mobile stores including the Apple Store and Google Play. For more information on Datapipe Auth visit

“Two-factor authenticated VPN is a security standard for enterprises, but is rarely used natively in public clouds,” said Joel Friedman, Chief Security Officer, Datapipe. “With today’s announcement, we are making it feasible for businesses to confidently deploy the same stringent security standards found in traditional IT environments to the public cloud. Given the amount of security breaches resulting from password compromises, strong authentication is a huge benefit for today’s public clouds. In addition, the benefit of restricting users to cloud assets by role, delivers far more manageability and granular network access control than commonly used jump host configurations.”

Building On Datapipe’s Existing Security Portfolio

Today’s announcement extends Datapipe’s deep history and understanding in effectively planning, building and running highly secure and available AWS environments for clients across the globe. To date, highlights of Datapipe’s security expertise includes:

  • 16 security services across Datapipe groups and vendors
  • Developed and delivered a comprehensive Access Control Model for managed AWS environments (DACMA)
  • PCI compliant automation support of AWS and PCI compliant platforms with modules that automatically check data points to ensure servers on AWS are secure and hardened against attack
  • Named one of the first Managed Service Provider partners with AWS following a third party audit of Datapipe’s best practices based deployments and capabilities

The Datapipe 2Factor Secure Cloud Access is now available worldwide through Datapipe’s existing suite of security services. For more information on the newly formed collaboration please see:

About Datapipe

Datapipe is the only global managed service provider to future proof IT for the enterprise. The company leads the industry in architecting, deploying and managing multi-platform hybrid IT solutions, including public, private and hybrid clouds integrated with traditional IT environments. By automating IT, Datapipe supports the continuous development and delivery of secure, highly available enterprise-class applications. Datapipe delivers operational excellence through proven ITIL processes via a global team of experienced professionals and next-generation data centers in New York Metro, Ashburn VA, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Seattle, Kansas City, Dallas, Sao Paulo, Iceland, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

About FortyCloud

Privately-held, FortyCloud enables companies to implement a public or hybrid cloud strategy, which is compliant with their security requirements. The company helps customers reduce operating costs, increase scalability, and fortify their security without requiring in-house security expertise. FortyCloud’s distinct cloud security solution lets organizations build their own scalable security solution for the cloudregardless of cloud infrastructure vendor.