Datapipe Revolutionizes ToolBank Tool Tracking

Datapipe managed services platform enables better tool and resource inventory management for disaster recovery

Jersey City, NJ, August 5, 2014 — Datapipe, a global provider of managed hosting and cloud services, today announced that their managed services platform is providing ToolBank USA with an enhanced ability to track and monitor tool inventory when responding to natural disasters. Datapipe’s platform allows ToolBank USA’s customized tool tracking and data analysis software to have greater scalability and always on availability. ToolBank USA now not only has real-time knowledge of where all their tools and inventory resides without worries of the system going down, but is also enabling the organization to expand the number of communities that it is able to support.

Founded to eliminate tool scarcity in times of crisis, the ToolBank Disaster Services program lends tools to charities to rebuild communities devastated by disasters. With nine brick-and-mortar ToolBanks around country, ToolBank USA recently unveiled a mobile unit for rapid on-site support as a way to better assist devastated communities. Wreaking havoc in northern Arkansas, a series of recent tornadoes left over 400 homes destroyed or damaged, calling on the need for assistance from ToolBank Disaster Services. By deploying the mobile unit to Conway, AR, ToolBank was able to equip volunteers with the tools and resources necessary to begin the recovery process. By hosting tool tracking software through Datapipe’s servers, ToolBank could rest assured that the platform would remain online and ultimately provide real-time knowledge of inventory when loaning out over $50,000 worth of tools to the nearly 2,000 volunteers over a span of four weeks.

Working together since 2010, Datapipe provides ToolBank USA with the necessary data center space and managed services for deploying and running the tool tracking and data analysis platform. Through the donation of the infrastructure and services, Datapipe has enabled ToolBank’s tool tracking system to reap the benefits of having zero-downtime and real-time insight into the whereabouts of available tools, all critical in times of rebuilding. The services provided by Datapipe have enabled ToolBank USA to transform the way the business operates and the level of service provided to communities, leading to a promising future of additional stationary locations and mobile units.

“In a crisis, everything is truly time-sensitive. The last thing the community needs to worry about is whether there are enough resources to rebuild, and the last thing ToolBank wants to fret about is whether the software to track available resources will stay online,” said Mark Brodbeck, CEO of ToolBank USA. “By hosting our software in Datapipe’s data center, we not only have the reliability of a service, which makes the ToolBank Disaster Services possible, but also the scalability to grow the organization.”

“Natural disasters can occur in the blink of an eye. As a result, our platform ensures that all of ToolBank’s customers are able to access critical resources when needed, regardless of where they’re stationed,” said Robb Allen, CEO of Datapipe. “Datapipe is proud to support ToolBank USA and ToolBank Disaster Services through the donation of infrastructure and services. By working together, we’re able to ensure that devastated communities have the necessary tools and resources to begin the difficult task of rebuilding.”

About Datapipe

Datapipe is a managed service provider focused on optimizing, managing and securing mission-critical IT services for the enterprise. Areas of expertise include private and public cloud, HIPAA, PCI compliance, security, database, network, storage, disaster recovery and migration. Datapipe operates data centers in influential technical and financial markets including New York Metro, Ashburn VA, Silicon Valley, Iceland, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.