Datapipe Donates Managed Hosting Services to ToolBank USA in Support of Nationwide Tool Lending

Jersey City, NJ — March 31, 2010 — Datapipe, a leading provider of managed hosting and IT services, announced today a contribution to the ToolBank network. For the next four years, Datapipe will deliver comprehensive managed services including hosting for ToolBank USA’s groundbreaking tool tracking platform. This donation allows each ToolBank to operate its own interdependent inventory management and resource tracking system.   

“Datapipe’s generous donation of managed services provides a highly scalable solution for our growing network of ToolBanks,” said ToolBank USA board member and Avery Partners CIO Dan Webber.  “As Datapipe assumes responsibility of our IT needs, local ToolBanks can focus on providing superior customer service to nonprofits looking to borrow tools,” added Webber.

“The efforts of Tool Bank USA have encouraged community involvement nationwide,” said Robb Allen, CEO of Datapipe. “We are proud to support these initiatives with the donation of Managed Services which empower every ToolBank to efficiently manage inventories. I am confident this contribution will help individual ToolBanks prosper in local communities,” Allen added.

Valued at $100,000, Datapipe’s donation positions ToolBank to leverage a 2009 investment by The UPS Foundation to create and implement a web-based nationwide tool lending system for the ToolBank network.

ToolBank USA is leading the national movement to equip non-profits and their volunteers with the tools to be more effective in their communities. ToolBank USA provides the business model, training, infrastructure and systems support to ToolBanks in local communities, allowing the ToolBanks to focus on tool stewardship and unparalleled customer service. Initial support for ToolBank USA has been made by The Home Depot Foundation, The UPS Foundation and The Stanley Works.  ToolBank USA’s first new affiliate was established in Charlotte NC in late 2009.