Datapipe Opens its Doors to Mozilla

Mountain View, CA — October 25, 2005 — Datapipe, a global provider of managed hosting and security services, announced today that it has donated office space to the Mozilla Foundation, the non-profit organization dedicated to preserving choice and innovation on the Web. Datapipe donated the space located in Mountain View, Calif., as a gesture of support for the open-source community--support that stems from the company’s own founding days when it used a number of open-source derived programs to start its own business.

“Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser is the browser of choice for nearly everyone I know and work with,” said Robb Allen, CEO of Datapipe. “When we read that they needed additional space we thought offering them use of some of our facilities would be a great way to contribute to their continued success.”

Datapipe makes Firefox available to all internal staff and Michael Parks, CTO of Datapipe, says that roughly 75% of Datapipe’s employees use the browser. A number of Datapipe’s staff also contribute regularly to the open-source community by publishing articles and tutorials. One employee contributes to the Linux Kernel, a key part of the operating system where developers tweak the code for bugs and improvements.

“The Mozilla movement has gathered force through unorthodox marketing measures, like our Spread Firefox web site, and support from our user community that goes beyond just writing code” said Frank Hecker, director of Policy at the Mozilla Foundation. “Datapipe’s contribution of space in their Mountain View office is a perfect example of this creative approach to business development. We’re proud to have their support.”