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Managed Storage

Safeguard your mission critical data against hardware failure and human error with a Managed Storage solution from Datapipe.

The storage and protection of your data is critical to the ongoing success of your organization. Our managed storage engineers are ready to protect your critical information, safeguarding against the possibility of data loss due to hardware failure or negligence.

Save time and money

The cost and complexity of managing enterprise storage infrastructure represents a significant challenge for most businesses. Our certified Managed Storage Engineers have extensive experience in storage management, tuning, systems architecture, design and implementation and utilization planning and optimization.

Maximize your existing investment

We recognize that you may have already made a significant capital and time investment into a storage solution for your organization. Whatever your needs, our complete range of services is available on equipment owned either by you or provided by Datapipe. 

Enterprise Storage Array (NAS) Features

  • Near Line, Fiber Channel, NAS
  • Storage on demand platform
  • Virtually unlimited capacity
  • Highly redundant
  • Highest performance

Direct Attached Storage (SAN) Features

  • Dedicated SAN, SAS, SATA
  • Flexibility of RAID configuration
  • Larger storage requirements
  • Dedicated storage array for stand-alone solutions
  • Mid-range cost and performance
  • Compatibility with compliance requirements regarding segregation of data

Managed Backup Services

Datapipe provides a variety of backup storage options to meet your distinct needs, based on type, retention time, file size/backup time, and recovery time requirements.