Managed Multicloud for UK Public Sector, Optimised for OFFICIAL

Datapipe delivers managed cloud services that provide scalable compute, storage and network resources to deliver transformational public sector projects.

Datapipe in the UK and Europe is a leading end-to-end managed multi-cloud service specialist and integrator

Datapipe manages critical private, public and hybrid production infrastructure for some of the UK’s most high profile, tech-dependent, heavily regulated organisations, so public sector organisations can be confident we have the service experience and ability to keep their environments rock solid and running optimally.

Strengthened by the acquisition of Adapt Services Ltd in the UK 2016, Datapipe helps public sector customers work smarter with highly secure, compliant enterprise-grade IT that delivers real-world advantage, transforming price performance and enabling change.

A trusted public sector partner

Some of Datapipe’s public sector direct and end-user customers (initially contracted as Adapt Services Ltd) include:

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The benefits of managed cloud for public sector:


Reduce financial barriers to growth

Leverage the flexibility of cloud to reduce traditional IT costs. Increase elasticity and resilience, enhance operational and commercial efficiency, contain costs and control procurement.


Strengthen security practices

Mitigate common risks, access specialist resources. Create, implement and maintain policies and processes that work for your department. Feel comfortable in a rapidly evolving cloud ecosystem with few defined standards.


Lower the risk of innovation

Enable innovation by removing uncertainty and applying economies of experience. Focus resources at application level. Undertake proof-of-concept exercises without the complexities of CAPEX. Provide a base layer for development of future capability such as big data analytics and containerisation.


Prolong the life of existing applications

Unlock tight coupling with aging hardware. Remove the CAPEX hardware refresh cycle. Transition to platforms that increase scalability and resilience; transform legacy workloads to reduce cost and increase agility.


Integrate cloud-native and classic

Deliver new applications and services designed for cloud. Increase data protection and application recoverability to add operational resilience to existing facilities. Extend estates to cope with growing workloads via hybrid cloud solution.

Experienced service for complex solutions

Our award-winning managed service wrap and experienced planning, implementation and migration services are the ideal complement to commoditised infrastructure propositions.

Datapipe UK is ISO27001, ISO9001 and PCI level 1 certified. Services are managed by a dedicated 24/7 team across Datapipe’s 3 UK operations centres. Our teams of highly skilled engineers maintain a detailed understanding of customers’ infrastructure environments and their relative priority and criticality at any given time. We also support a number of PSN Codes of Connection with our customers

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