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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To help you start out right with your GoGrid infrastructure, we've put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the following Support topics. Just click on one of the links/tabs below, or download the whole FAQ as a PDF for reference.

General Questions

  • How can I access my individual servers?
  • Do I have full root/administrator access to each machine I'm running?
  • Do I need to add new servers manually?
  • Can I set up a rule to have my GoGrid infrastructure scale with demand?
  • Am I charged when my GoGrid Cloud Server is in a stopped state?
  • How do I create a Support case?
  • How can I access my invoices?
  • Why can't I send email from my GoGrid server?

Cloud Servers

Dedicated Servers

Technical Specifications

  • Can I edit my Load Balancer settings?
  • What types of load balancing and persistence options are available?
  • How can I see a list of the IP addresses assigned to me?
  • How much storage can I have?
  • Can I add more storage?
  • What happens if there's a failure of a physical node?

Billing Questions


  • How do I predict my costs?
  • What are metered services?
  • What are fixed services?
  • Will I still be charged if I'm not using the server?

Initial Promo Credit

How Billing Works

  • How does GoGrid billing work?
  • How often do you bill customers? When can I expect to be billed?
  • When is my bill date? Can I change it?
  • Why was my credit card charged automatically?
  • What payment options do I have?
  • I got a message that my recurring charge failed. What's the reason?
  • I'm getting an AVS verification failure notice. What should I do?

Managing Your Account

  • Where can I locate my account number?
  • What are the different types of users and what is their level of access?
  • How can I update the authorized Users list on the account? Can I limit a user's access?
  • When I try to add a user, I get a message that the user already exists. Why do I get this message and how do I resolve it?
  • How can I delete a user from an account?
  • Can I delete myself from the account?
  • Can I change my login email address?
  • Can I be a user on multiple accounts?
  • How can I update my contact information?
  • How can I update my billing address?
  • How can I update my payment information?
  • My credit card expired. Can I call and provide my new details over the phone?
  • Why am I getting an error when trying to submit my new payment information?
  • How can I find out which of my credit cards is on file?
  • If my default payment method is rejected, will you charge the other payment methods on the account?

Invoices & Payment Receipts


  • How do I upgrade my memory/transfer plan?
  • Will I get an email confirming my upgrade?
  • When will my upgrade take effect?
  • How can I upgrade as of my next billing cycle?
  • When will I be charged if I request an upgrade mid-cycle?
  • Can I upgrade for one billing cycle only?



  • How do I cancel my account?
  • How do I request to cancel some services?
  • When will my cancellation take effect?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • If I request to cancel when my billing cycle has started and I've just prepaid my memory/transfer plan, can I receive a partial refund?
  • Can I cancel if I'm under a commitment?
  • How long after I submit a cancellation request will I receive confirmation that it has been processed?
  • Can I cancel and get a refund if I've prepaid for a year?
  • Can I upgrade if I'm under a commitment?
  • Can I downgrade if I'm under a commitment?

Annual Plans

SLA Credits