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Database as a Service

High Performance Database as a Service

The High Performance Database as a Service offering allows clients to quickly leverage database services on a managed database platform. During the engagement process, a consultation phase takes place to architect an appropriate solution combining AWS and Datapipe managed services to meet both business and technical requirements. Datapipe’s management tools facilitate data protection and restore operations. Datapipe deploys and maintains a client’s database, and manages the environment, including installs and patches, upgrades, and data backup. Integration between web and application tiers running on AWS and high performance databases running at Datapipe is facilitated through a Direct Connect to Amazon’s cloud computing platform. Datapipe’s certified engineers administer all layers of this build.

Available service offerings include Oracle, MSSQL, and MySQL database integration on the native AWS platform and physical clustered solutions using Direct Connect. Standard preset configurations are available ranging from small, medium to large database environments. Custom configurations are available upon request and can include MongoDB and Datastax Enterprise Apache Cassandra. Each of these configurations includes a firewall and the appropriate quantity of database servers depending on the size of the workload. SAN storage is provisioned with each solution. Storage offerings include an initial capacity of 100GB on-site disk-based backups of database dumps and a 7-day retention period. High-performance SSD storage is also an option to meet high IOPS performance requirements of many databases.


  • Utilizes redundant low latency direct connect between Amazon and Datapipe networks
  • Seamless integration between AWS hosted and Datapipe hosted environments in a hybrid configuration
  • Supports native security and auditing database features, including encryption
  • High I/O solution performance in a secure hybrid environment
  • Datapipe manages all aspects of integrated hybrid environments
  • Datapipe has certified engineers proficient in all aspects of many high performance database operations, including Oracle’s Advanced Security Option
  • Provides simple, single vendor billing