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Stratosphere® Virtualization

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Your Enterprise Virtualized

Datapipe's fully managed, private and secure virtualized platform allows you to deploy, customize and seamlessly implement virtual servers.

Stratosphere® utilizes virtualization-capability-enhanced Multi-Core CPUs with a high allocation of RAM per server.  No oversubscription. Our resources are carefully managed to ensure the resources you require are always available.  VMware's redundancy features allow for a live failover in the case of a hardware server failure resulting in maximum uptime. The virtual OS and content live on enterprise-class SAN's enabling high Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) as well as redundancy.

Datapipe VMware Partner

Datapipe’s Stratosphere® virtualization platform is:



Stratosphere® lets you reduce costs by running software applications in virtual machines on fewer, highly scalable, reliable enterprise-class servers. Server resources are dedicated to your environment and can never be oversubscribed.


You can tap into additional resources as needed. No code rewriting is necessary. You also have full access to the virtualized servers and can access them as you would any physical server.

Secure and compliant

Datapipe Stratosphere® is a secure, compliant virtualization solution that reliably delivers on SLAs.

Easily integrated

Our solutions are easily integrated as part of a hybrid environment with dedicated servers, storage, databases etc.

Fully Managed Environment

Your mission-critical information is managed by certified, experienced professionals. Our clients experience rapid provisioning with no set-up fees, backed by industry leading service levels.