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Datapipe Stratosphere® Hosted Private Cloud

Datapipe's Stratosphere® Elastic Cloud Computing Platform can be deployed as a Hosted Private Cloud solution allowing clients to utilize the core infrastructure in a private hosted environment. 

Industry-leading private cloud technology, coupled with Datapipe’s mission-critical cloud computing service, allows clients to build a private cloud according to their unique requirements. This solution provides the complete stack – computing, storage, security, and network, in a dedicated environment with industry leading SLAs. Clients have a choice of hypervisors (VMWare ESX, KVM, or Xen) the amount of computing power (2 to 100+ Dual 6-Core Servers), and the amount of storage (5 TB or more). Datapipe configures and manages the environment. This solution is fully compatible with the RightScale Cloud Management System.

By leveraging existing hypervisor, storage, and network technologies, clients can configure the cloud to allow over provisioning of physical resources to optimize the allocation of VMs. CloudStack also provides administrators the capability of limiting virtual resources (such as the number of VMs that an account can create to the number of public IP addresses an account can own).

The service extends beyond individual VM images running on commodity hardware. Datapipe provides a turn-key cloud infrastructure software stack for delivering virtual data centers as a service with pay-as-you-grow economics.

Use Cases

  • Managed public and private cloud resources with a single vendor
  • Enable corporate governance and auditing across cloud deployments
  • Deliver capabilities of public cloud behind a private dedicated firewall
  • Automatically provision and manage networking policies, security groups, load-balancing, and high-availability services
  • Enable instant capacity on-demand through cloud bursting out to public resources


  • Comprehensive Service Management
  • Secure Cloud Deployments
  • Hypervisor Agnostic
  • Virtual Routers, Firewalls and Load Balancers
  • Multiple Storage Solutions
  • Block Storage Volumes
  • Guest VM OS Support
  • Resource Overprovisioning and limits
  • VM Sync and High Availability
  • Host Maintenance with Live Migration


  • Citrix CloudStack
  • Guest VM OS Support
  • Block Storage Volumes with multiple storage solutions
  • Resource Overprovisioning and Limits
  • VM Sync and High Availability
  • Host Maintenance with Live Migration


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