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Datapipe Stratosphere® Features

Datapipe Stratosphere® is our globally available, high-performance managed cloud computing platform, designed to meet enterprise requirements for governance, usability, compliance and interoperability with traditional compute platforms.

Overview API Cloud Portal

Benefits of the Datapipe Stratosphere® Elastic Cloud Platform 

  • Managed Services and Support Included
  • Scale up/down servers on-demand
  • Usage based billing – pay for what you use
  • Scale storage independently of compute
  • Paused VMs maintain machine state without compute charges
  • Use predefined enterprise class templates to build or customize
  • Does not share storage, security, or computing with other non- cloud solutions or configurations
  • Rapid account and server provisioning
  • Lower cost storage
  • Additional cost savings as a result of high performance VM's that require fewer computing resources
  • API and Customer Portal Access
  • Automated Server Snapshots 

Featured Capabilities

  • Access Hong Kong Economic Zone, and Shanghai (Mainland China)
  • Cloud migration services available
  • Co-branding / White Label deployments available

Hypervisor Support

Stratosphere® supports multiple hypervisors:

  • VMware
  • Citrix Xen (Hosted Private Cloud)
  • KVM


Integrated Cloud Management Platforms

  • Datapipe Cloud Portal
  • CloudStack
  • RightScale


API Compatibility

  • Datapipe Stratosphere® API
  • CloudStack Native API
  • RightScale API
  • Amazon Web Services API