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Stratosphere® API

Datapipe Stratosphere® is our globally available, high-performance managed cloud computing platform, designed to meet enterprise requirements for governance, usability, compliance and interoperability with traditional compute platforms.

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The Stratosphere® API is loosely based on the REST architecture and allows developers to create new resources and integrate existing systems with Stratosphere®. It supports POST/GET requests and returns both XML and JSON response formats. 

To get started using the Stratosphere® API, you should have the following:

  • The API Key and Secret Key for an account. Your API Key and Secret key can be found on your account details screen. (
  • Familiarity with HTTP GET/POST and query strings.
  • Knowledge of either XML or JSON.
  • Knowledge of a programming language that can generate HTTP requests; for example, Java or PHP.

The Datapipe Stratosphere® API developers guide can be found here:

For a full list of commands available through the developer API, please visit the following link: