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Datapipe Managed Private Cloud for Microsoft

Datapipe's Microsoft Private Cloud solution combines Microsoft's industry-leading private cloud technology with Datapipe’s mission-critical cloud management services, providing a private cloud built to meet client unique enterprise-level requirements.

As a Microsoft Cloud OS Gold Partner and a leader in cloud computing, Datapipe has combined Cloud OS with System Center and Hyper-V to create a seamless private cloud designed for enterprise workloads. Datapipe's Microsoft Private Cloud provides the complete stack – computing, storage, security, and network, in a dedicated environment. Datapipe can architect and deliver hybrid solutions leveraging private cloud as well as dedicated infrastructure delivered globally with Datapipe’s world-class managed services.

The Microsoft Cloud OS aligns with existing investments for clients and improves flexibility, simplifies application and infrastructure management. Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V provides a comprehensive virtualization platform that delivers increased scalability, high availability and resiliency. System Center brings these components the management from one unified control panel delivering on Microsoft Cloud OS – a comprehensive private cloud platform powered by an integrated set of technologies that unifies an environment. A Microsoft private cloud built by Datapipe enables on-demand delivery of applications as standardized IT services.

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Managed Microsoft Private Cloud Use Cases

  • Managed Hybrid IT infrastructure with private cloud resources from a single vendor
  • Enable corporate governance and auditing across cloud deployments
  • Deliver capabilities of public cloud behind a private dedicated firewall
  • Automatically provision services with a consistent interface
  • Leverage existing Microsoft investments

Maximize the Value of the Microsoft Cloud Platform

The Datapipe deployment model leverages the new features of Windows 2012 R2 which complement the Hyper-V based Private cloud platform. Storage feature improvements help to improve efficiency, security, QoS and broad support. High availability features include cluster aware updating, failover priority setting and streamlined incremental backup capabilities.

Microsoft Server with Hyper-V Virtualization

  • More flexible infrastructure
  • Complete virtual machine mobility with “shared nothing” live migration for faster, unrestricted, simultaneous migrations between cluster nodes with no downtime
  • Virtual machine live cloning that allows duplication of a VM while running

Microsoft System Center

  • Purpose built Orchestration solution
  • Virtual Machine manager providing the tools to manage VMs, compute, storage and network resources
  • Operations Manager provides usage metering for the self service infrastructure