Managed Microsoft Cloud Partner - Hybrid Azure Solutions - Datapipe

The Leader in Management for the Microsoft Cloud Platform

Datapipe is uniquely positioned to provide a suite of managed services for public, private and hybrid IT environments based on the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Datapipe can plan, build and run cloud environments utilizing both Hyper-V for Private Cloud and the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud.  Partner with Datapipe for full cloud life-cycle management including migration, orchestration, scaling, monitoring, security management, and optimization with 24/7 support from Microsoft certified experts.

microsoft azure and datapipeSo whether an organization requires the enterprise, public-cloud features of Microsoft Azure, a custom private cloud with the Microsoft Cloud OS stack, or hybrid combination, Datapipe provides a unified view of all Microsoft infrastructure, with consolidated monitoring, security management, governance and billing.

Datapipe can help organizations experience the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud Platform whether new, born on the cloud project to the enterprise IT department looking for ways to utilize and leverage resource investments in Microsoft.

Managed Cloud for Microsoft Azure

Datapipe Managed Cloud for Azure combines the scale, availability and elasticity of the Azure cloud with Datapipe’s extensive suite of managed services, tools and experience to get enterprises running in their new Azure environments quickly, with less overhead and more predictability. This managed public cloud offering from Datapipe is one of the first to provide customers a single view of their infrastructure running on the Azure platform.

Managed Microsoft Private Cloud

Datapipe has combined Microsoft Cloud OS with System Center 2012 and Hyper-V to provide a seamless private cloud designed for enterprise workloads. Datapipe can architect and deliver hybrid solutions leveraging private cloud, as well as dedicated infrastructure delivered globally with Datapipe’s world-class managed services.

Maximize the value of Microsoft Cloud Platform

The Microsoft Cloud Platform is open, flexible and a powerful option for building and launching applications quickly. Organizations can build applications using any language, tool, or framework, and integrate them with existing IT environments.

With Datapipe, you'll be able to seamlessly deploy applications on Azure (backed by a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers), a Datapipe-managed private cloud running the Windows Azure Pack, or a hybrid solution.

With Datapipe Managed Cloud for Azure and Microsoft Private Cloud you can:

Easily extend existing infrastructure, improving your speed to market.
Reduce costs and provide new capabilities with a flexible cloud solution that manages current business needs and supports future growth by easily integrating cloud services with your existing infrastructure. You'll be able to extend the life of your mission-critical applications, while establishing an infrastructure for the future.

Maintain control and keep your data secure.
Get the flexibility of the cloud, without compromising your data. Datapipe pairs the common management, identity, and security features of Microsoft Cloud Platform and our internal tools and expertise to provide guidance and services for your unique security and compliance needs.

Be more responsive and scalable.
Take advantage of the highly scalable and reliable Microsoft Cloud platform, backed by Datapipe's deep Microsoft and Azure expertise and 24/7 support to meet your organization’s rapidly changing business needs.

Lower costs and consolidate billing.
Take advantage of the flexible “pay only for what you use” pricing models such as per user per month, hourly, or a predictable monthly cost. Plus, Datapipe consolidates your billing, provides competitive Azure pricing, and gives you access to our Azure Purchasing and Finance Desk for financial optimization and guidance.

Save time and launch faster: Move to the cloud.
Leverage the cloud to gain speed of deployment. You'll be able to add new applications and/or users in minutes, while shifting responsibility to Datapipe for ongoing maintenance and "heavy lifts" such as managing hardware and software updates, upgrades, and patches.

Learn more about Datapipe Managed Cloud for Azure or Managed Microsoft Private Cloud, or click here to request a consultation.