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Datapipe Managed Hybrid Cloud Connect® for AWS

quoteTailor-Made AWS Direct Connect Solutions

Reliability, flexibility, compatibility—all the great benefits available with Amazon Web Services Direct Connect. But designing AWS Direct Connect to speak to your business’s unique needs? You’ll have to procure, deploy, configure, manage and monitor. That takes serious resources—resources you could be using otherwise.

AWS Direct Connect Enabled Locations

datapipe managed hybrid cloud connect

  • NJ to AWS US East
  • Virginia to AWS US East
  • Silicon Valley to AWS US West (North California)
  • Seattle to US West (Oregon)
  • London to AWS EU West (Ireland)
  • Singapore to AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Datapipe’s got the solution. A dedicated network connection from our data center facilities to your AWS environmentsusing AWS Direct Connect, and created, tailored and maintained by our expert team. Datapipe’s AWS Direct Connect service means you get to take advantage of Amazon’s powerful web services, and Datapipe’s world class data centers—two powerhouses that’ll have your back.

The comparison says it all:

On Your OwnWith Datapipe
Procure and order Direct Connect Services Included
Procure colocation services Included
Procure, deploy, configure and manage networking equipment Included
Procure, deploy, configure, and manage computing and database resources Included
Manage software licensing Included
Manage SLAs from at least 3 vendors (AWS, Colo, Equipment vendors) Included
Monitor and manage solution 24x7x365 Included
Refresh hardware and software updates continuously Included
CAPEX, OPEX, Labor One simple monthly price


Datapipe, Amazon Web Services, and You

Datapipe has extensive experience working with AWS. In fact, we’re a Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN). Need a highly available database for your AWS solution? Datapipe’s got you covered with our High Performance Database as a Service. Housed in our data center facilities, your database will have a low latency connection between Amazon and Datapipe networks. Our High Performance Database as a Service is an ideal solution for real-time enterprise production database requirements. What about secure backups? Oh, yeah. That’s why Datapipe offers AWS Off-site Data Backup, a reliable, available and tailored backup solution.

Datapipe will remove the burden of customizing AWS Direct Connect. We’ll create a custom-designed solution that will solve your connection problems, allows you to choose which data uses your Datapipe AWS Direct Connect, and is easy on your budget. It’s a flexible and responsive connection that will treat your data with the VIP service it deserves. Our expert technicians know High Performance Databases inside and out—we’ve written papers on it. We’re that good.

Your Network Connection is Safe—and Fast—With Datapipe

Datapipe provides full creation, install and support for AWS Direct Connect, High Performance Database as a Service, and AWS Off-site Data Backup. Datapipe’s network is consistently ranked among the most reliable by Netcraft. 

AWS Direct Connect—Let Datapipe Do the Heavy Lifting

The perfect match: Datapipe’s world-class data centers and Amazon’s cloud—without the hassle.

AWS Direct Connect with Datapipe gives you a highly managed, reliable and seamless link to Amazon’s Web Services platform, allowing you to bypass ISPs entirely. Instead, you’ll enjoy a dependable network connection, and the ability to scale and add multiple connections as required. Use a single connection for your public and private resources, while keeping public and private environments separate on your network. We manage and monitor all the way, and we have data center locations on the east coast, west coast, and coming soon to points in-between.

High Performance Database as a Service—Don’t pull the plug

Already on AWS but need a database solution? We can do that.

If you’re an AWS customer and now’s the time for a database, you just might be thinking you’ll have to say adios to with AWS and head back to the drawing board. Not with Datapipe. Our High Performance Database as a Service offering is a quick approach to establishing a database, tailored by our certified engineers. This package comes with data protection, restore operations, and storage options that begin at 100GB Tier 1 or Tier 2. We’ll employ the optimum amount of database servers for predicted workloads and manage everything from installs to upgrades.

AWS Off-site Data backup—Your Data = Safe and Sound

AWS Off-Site data backups are designed for optimum reliability and accessibility.

Datapipe’s AWS Off-site Backup solution is a host-based, file-level backup that’s fully monitored and comes with full weekly backups and daily partial backups. Of course, with Datapipe, customization is always on the menu—you chose which data, how much gets a daily backup, and the storage schedule. We use encrypted MPLS to transfer data, and it’s safely tucked away in Datapipe’s separate facility, stored on virtual tape libraries.

Why Go It Alone? Let Datapipe Create Your AWS Direct Connect Solution

Talk to Datapipe today about customizing AWS Direct Connect for your core business needs. Get in touch to discuss our AWS Direct Connect services, High Performance Database as a Service, and AWS Off-Site Data Backup.

Integration between web and application tiers running on AWS and high performance databases running at Datapipe is facilitated through a Direct Connect to Amazon’s cloud computing platform. Datapipe has in-house technical expertise that covers all layers of this build.