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Datapipe AWS Migration Service

Technology is a rapidly evolving industry. With Datapipe, clients benefit from a partner who helps them keep up with the pace. Our operational experts keep your success in mind through the integration of business strategy, latest migration tools, and next generation technology so you’re always ahead of the innovation curve.

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Datapipe is a proven leader in moving complex enterprise workloads to the AWS cloud. With a comprehensive three-phased approach to plan, build, and help you run your migration strategy, Datapipe’s Migration Services will guide you through the cloud adoption process tailored to meet your specific needs. 


Business Operations Pre-Assessment

Most enterprises don’t realize there are key requirements they haven’t uncovered. To drive your technology initiatives and identify opportunities for improvement, Datapipe’s AWS experts will conduct a business operations pre-assessment that involves engagements linked with your company’s mission and overall strategy:

  • Strategy workshops
  • Trainings
  • Architectural reviews
  • Consultations

The Business Operations Pre-Assessment provides:

  • A migration architecture and execution plan based on a cloud migration and cloud readiness survey
  • Documented business requirements for governance, existing network, existing applications, security requirements, and systems performance
  • Analysis to collect data for a Cloud Workload Architecture Assessment 

Cloud Workload Architecture Assessment and Blueprint

For clients looking to move workloads to AWS, Datapipe will help validate the design, approach, and techniques required for a successful migration and provide a testable technical blueprint to verify Proof of Concept.

A Cloud Workload Architecture Assessment and Blueprint discovers how to achieve your desired end-state goals, including: 

  • Cost savings
  • Agility
  • Security
  • Innovation

To provide an effective migration delivery roadmap, Datapipe’s AWS experts will:

  • Review the current technical deployments
  • Identify current pain points
  • Conduct a situational analysis of current system
  • Evaluate infrastructure for automation
  • Assess configuration usage
  • Recommend details on application deployment management

CASE STUDY: Tillster
Learn how an assessment with Datapipe's AWS experts unlocks opportunities for additional efficiencies

Tillster, a global leader in computer software maximized their efficiency with AWS resources while maintaining reasonable cost and time commitments through Datapipe’s Professional Services team


Workload Migration Services

Once the assessment phase is complete, the next step is to implement your solution. Our consulting services focus on mitigating risk through extensive planning to ensure a seamless transition of your critical IT assets.

  • Infrastructure consolidation projects using AWS
  • Workload migration engineering and configuration management
    • VM export
    • AMI engineering
  • Engineering imported workloads for improved availability and resiliency

Use Cases

  • Clients specializing in Engineering and/or Development who may be hindered by their current internal IT and would use the cloud to accelerate development efforts
  • Clients whose internal IT teams are trying to transform into "Cloud Ops" and want to verify that running on AWS makes sense for a low-risk environment

Learn how this app seamlessly migrated from its existing environment to AWS for a faster, more reliable platform

VSCO’s Artifact Uprising DevOps team is small and scrappy. They’re quite adept at what they do – they all have significant experience with Chef, using it to configure their servers and developer machines – the switch to AWS required additional bandwidth the team just didn’t have. When speaking with AWS, VSCO was pointed in the direction of Datapipe.

Motus' migration to AWS saved the company at least 20 percent over their previous hosting environment

Datapipe has been working closely with Motus to assist with the company’s move to AWS and automation of its environment using Terraform and Puppet. 


Managed Cloud for AWS

With Datapipe’s Managed Solutions, your in-house team can focus on high-level efforts while Datapipe’s AWS certified experts ensure your systems maintain all performance expectations with security and monitoring for your cloud environment 24x7x365. Datapipe does not meter managed services and offers cost predictability so clients gain the most out of their technology.

CASE STUDY: Acrolinx
Datapipe’s worldwide AWS service offering benefited Acrolinx, a U.K.-based company, with the ability to on-board customers more efficiently

As Acrolinx’s business grew, more of their customers wanted hosted cloud deployments and the assurance that their infrastructure would remain secure, especially as it grew beyond the scope of their own hosting capabilities. 

Kaldor, a software house, experienced an increase in clients after providing its customers with additional security needed to manage AWS environments

Kaldor needed a partner that could work seamlessly with the company’s team to help manage its customers’ infrastructures, including AWS environments, and provide expertise in security fully ensuring clients felt comfortable moving their systems and content off their premises.