Cloud Analytics for AWS - Datapipe

Cloud Analytics for AWS

Enhanced cloud intelligence solution for governance and optimization of AWS environments


Innovative data-mining and intelligence tools to govern and analyze 100% of your AWS usage across the enterprise.


Actively Track Costs

Datapipe Cloud Analytics for AWS actively tracks cost and asset usage trends over daily, weekly, monthly, and month-to-date time periods.


Optimize AWS Utilization

Visualize your AWS usage on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis. The Utilization Heat Map enables you to make informed capacity planning decisions, spot variable and consistent usage, and ensure high service levels.

Proactively Identify Security Issues

Scans and identifies the status of your security group configurations, continuously monitors their status and alerts you of vulnerabilities.


One-click access to expert support

24x7 access to support teams for recommendation implementation and immediate resolution of detected issues.

Manage Cloud Governance

AWS resources are grouped to their associated business function, such as product development, marketing, and operations.


Identify Reserved Instance Opportunities

Detailed Reserved Instance purchase recommendations based on resource utilization analysis.

Manage Reserved Instance Renewals

Track the health and utilization of Reserved Instances to make optimal renewal decisions.


Analyze S3 Storage

Granular S3 scans identify usage patterns, visualize buckets, and offer recommendations for informed decision making.

Stay Informed with Email Alerts

Real-time alerts notify users of potential issues and recommended actions.