Cloud Management Portal - Datapipe

Cloud Management Portal

Datapipe’s Cloud Management Portal (CMP) allows AWS Managed Services clients to view, monitor, and interact with their AWS resources in real-time.

The Cloud Management Portal allows Datapipe to offer Managed AWS clients our full range of managed services by integrating their AWS assets with Datapipe One, our ITIL-based support platform. Clients can then benefit from Datapipe’s 24x7 managed monitoring, issue resolution, support, and governance.

Clients can manage their AWS cloud by starting or destroying instances, attaching volumes, editing user data, or creating new templates from existing instances. They can also create new instances using one of Datapipe’s pre-defined, OS- based virtual machine templates. The Cloud Management Portal also provides the ability to manage AWS volumes and snapshots, manage Security Groups, and access Amazon’s network features.

Online Invoicing

The Cloud Management Portal allows clients to view and download their invoices and/or statement details at any time. This feature is available on desktops, mobile devices, or tablet computers, and allows clients to download both PDF and CSV files for review and to import into their own financial systems.

CloudTrail Integration

CloudTrail is a web service that records API calls for an AWS account and delivers log files to an Amazon S3 bucket. As a MAWS client with Datapipe, this included service can be enabled and configured by Datapipe engineers so that log files will be collected and made available (via the CMP) for querying purposes. Clients can consolidate logs from multiple AWS accounts in a single queryable database. AWS encrypts log files, and event data are typically available within 15 minutes after an event occurs.