A comprehensive assessment is the key to a successful cloud strategy

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Moving to the cloud is a complex endeavor; Datapipe’s robust assessment tools facilitate effective and efficient cloud adoption through careful preparation. We have the experience you need with proprietary best practices and expertise from cloud experts who understand both cloud and traditional IT.

A successful migration starts with careful evaluation of your existing infrastructure and future business goals. Let us help you get started.

Cloud readiness assessment: what you need to know

Q: How will an assessment help my organization?

An effective assessment is the first step in migrating to the cloud and solving your business objectives. Extensive information gathering on your existing landscape and internal documentation results in a fully documented plan and effective strategy to streamline your migration and cloud build, including a TCO analysis on the new cloud platform for applications in-scope and a future state architectural design.

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Q: What does an assessment entail?

Our proprietary cloud assessment employs both processes and collaboration to provide a 360-degree view into your organization. We deploy tools that can map data flow, foundational component structure, and application integration dependencies. And conduct information gathering on application workflow and customer documentation, all while working with key stakeholders to ensure requirements and timelines are met.

Q: What will the assessment tell us?

We leave no stone unturned, providing our clients with a fully-informed view into existing infrastructures and processes, as well as potential opportunities and challenges. The assessments also provide a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis for a new cloud platform with applications in scope, so you know what to expect and how to plan for a seamless integration and cloud adoption.

We deliver a customized Cloud Roadmap Design.

Q: What happens after the assessment?

Our experts will help you move into the next phase with architectural design and documented detail on instance sizing, network connectivity, security, and storage architecture. With careful consideration for future state scaling, we also provide recommendations for refactoring legacy non-scalable elements with robust HA cloud-native equivalents.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment Success Stories

Tillster optimized the cost and scale of their public cloud workloads via a complete AWS audit by Datapipe.


Datapipe helped Trulia optimize the company’s data processing workflow while keeping costs within budget. Our experts collaborated with Trulia’s team following a migration from on-premises data center to AWS Elastic Map Reducer.


VSCO successfully moved from a non-native environment to AWS with Datapipe’s robust managed AWS services, allowing them to deliver top-notch content to their more-than 30 million community members.