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Your organization has decided to grow with the proven benefits of a cloud infrastructure. You know where you want to go, but probably need help getting there. From protecting data and current infrastructures to positioning your organization to scale quickly, you need a migration strategy that's foolproof. Enter Datapipe.

Cloud Migration Services: what you need to know

Q: What are the benefits of Datapipe's Cloud Migration Services?

Our experts combine decades of experience with industry-leading innovation to customize an approach specifically for your organization, its objectives and its infrastructures. It’s not uncommon for enterprise organizations to miss important requirements when planning for cloud adoption and Datapipe’s services ensure total compliance, with no compromise or loss of data. Our strategies get you to the cloud faster and more safely so that your organization can capitalize on a more agile and cost effective infrastructure.

See how Datapipe helped VSCO migrate seamlessly to the cloud.

Q: How do you design a migration strategy?

Datapipe’s approach is founded on the promise of putting planning before action. Our proven experience has given us unique insight into the best ways to uncover every infrastructure requirement. To reach a comprehensive conclusion, our experts will:

  • Review ongoing technical deployments
  • Identify existing pain points
  • Conduct a situational analysis of current system
  • Evaluate infrastructure for automation
  • Assess configuration usage
  • Recommend details on application deployment management


Q: Do you mitigate risk with your Cloud Migration Services?

Absolutely. We provide guidance on the what, how, why, where, and when of workload migration, partnered with you every step in the journey. Datapipe is unique in the industry in offering both consulting and fully managed services through a truly iterative framework that utilizes continuous hands-on support to meet your goals.

Learn more about Operational Empathy™, the trademarked way we do business.

Q: Can you help us migrate to any kind of cloud—public, private or hybrid?

Each strategy includes thorough execution and solutions integration followed by testing and validation. Datapipe’s dedication to security and compliance ensures that all standards are achieved and that your data remains secure throughout the process. The roadmap is built to scale, so you have clear direction on your cloud management and unparalleled support with Datapipe as a partner.

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Cloud migration success stories

Motus partnered with Datapipe to migrate to AWS and automate its environment using Terraform and Puppet, saving the company at least 20 percent over their previous hosting environment.


Spark44 turned to Datapipe's AWS migration services to improve the scalability and global performance of Jaguar Land Rover's digital asset management system.


Photo app VSCO seamlessly migrated from a traditional IT environment to AWS with Datapipe’s managed AWS services, helping them efficiently deliver content to more than 30 million users.