Datapipe’s cloud orchestration optimizes the flow of asset management and service delivery

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Datapipe knows how important it is to streamline processes. 

Our cloud experts work with you to design and deploy customized automation strategies to get the most out of your assets and maintain optimal delivery and management of all items in your solution.

Common use cases for cloud automation


Multi-cloud and hybrid environments


Standard resource configurations


Standards management


IT asset lifecycle management


Patch management

datapipe orchestration

Automation throughout the services lifecycle

Cloud orchestration is never easier than with our comprehensive automation options, spanning our entire Plan/Build/Run service delivery cycle.

We start with a thorough assessment that leads us to unique roadmaps comprised of the requirements, templates and elements your infrastructure needs for push-button deployment in minutes.

Centrally managed and controlled, our responsive automation services include push button multi-site updates and revisions to tasks.

Some of the benefits of our cloud automation services

DevOps Delivers

Our experts DevOps Advisory Services leverage the right techniques to deliver the quality, speed and experience you need for successful DevOps environments.

Expert, Proactive Analysis

Datapipe’s engineers identify problems before they happen, allowing us to proactively address potential issues and keep your automation moving.

Improved Efficiency

A key component of automation, we help you modernize and adjust apps around system reliability, providing configuration management and automation at all levels.

Cloud automation success stories

Challenger, a large-scale Asia e-commerce client, worked with us to automate their entire production deployment hosted on AWS, reducing time to spin up environments to just four minutes and providing instant repeatability for new regions.


Baozun cut configuration and deployment times for our Stratosphere Hosted Private Cloud from days to just 30 minutes using total automation of software configuration and installation.


We helped eWay quickly and efficiently enforce compliance of environments through instrumentation and auto-fix, which senses and responds to issues and changes to maintain compliance standards.