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With nearly a decade of AWS expertise, Datapipe is the first MSP to combine the power of Amazon’s world-leading cloud platform with the comprehensive customization you need to maximize your cloud capabilities.

Why Datapipe for AWS management?


Always-on Support

Your operations never miss a minute. Support and monitoring 24/7/365 for immediate response and resolution, plus real-time monitoring you can always access with our Cloud Management Portal.


Enhanced Protection

The ultimate edge—our Datapipe Contract Advantage, a proprietary model, offers more indemnifications than anyone else.

cost savings

Cost Optimization

Our strong partnership equals savings. Save up to 35% on committed instances.

hybrid cloud

Hybrid Connections

Your future is now with our managed AWS Direct Connect solutions, for fully-managed hybrid infrastructures.

The most comprehensive AWS capabilities

Move to AWS, smarter and faster

A proven leader in moving complex enterprise workloads, Datapipe’s AWS Migration Services guide you through every step, and past the competition.

Boost performance with hybrid builds

Datapipe’s inclusive managed services for AWS Direct Connect can maximize efficiencies in the creation, deployment and management of your hybrid infrastructure.

Build trust through added security

Through careful role-based access and tracking, our Access and Audit Control Model for the Cloud provides enhanced AWS security without relinquishing access credentials.

Migrate and optimize your databases

Our AWS Database Migration & Management offerings marry the power of AWS with the next-gen innovation, strategy and support of Datapipe.

Compute smarter with next-level AWS intel

Our comprehensive AWS cloud analytics tools provide comprehensive data-mining across 100% of your environments to track costs, optimize utilization and identify security issues.

Analyze API activity, simply

With Datapipe’s searchable AWS CloudTrail solution, you’ll never question when, what or by whom, when it comes to your AWS environment.

Run enterprise apps on AWS

Datapipe’s robust experience makes them the perfect partner to manage your Microsoft Solutions on AWS.

Securely store data on AWS

Our AWS storage management solutions allow you to store and backup your data with reliability, resiliency and optimized performance.

Services for your entire AWS lifecycle

From architecture design to migration and management, Datapipe’s AWS expertise runs deep. It’s not just what we do—it’s how we do it.

And with our fully-managed options, it can look as easy as 1-2-3.


Thorough application analysis and prioritization to determine a future-proof architecture, achievable with a comprehensive migration strategy and execution plan.


Automated deployment of multi-region environments includes robust security controls and governance models, as well as testing and performance optimization.


With ongoing monitoring and optimization, we work directly with you to determine your escalation action plan and decommissioning of legacy environments.

AWS migration and management success stories

Learn how McDonald's migrated to AWS to improve scalability and launch their first born-in-the-cloud mobile app.


Learn how VSCO seamlessly migrated their app from its existing environment to AWS, improving speed and reliability.


Motus' migration to AWS saved the company at least 20 percent over their previous hosting environment.


Through application management services and AWS, Acrolinx is now better equipped to attract more customers.