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Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds
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Your Cloud Managed®
Public, Private, Hybrid: Understanding Your Cloud Options


Highly Available, Resilient Hybrid Infrastructure

Datapipe’s large enterprise hybrid cloud solutions and traditional hosting services allow customers to future-proof IT operations and maximize their business value. By tailoring cloud deployments to specific customer needs, Datapipe continues to provide new, enriched cloud capabilities for mission-critical and day-to-day enterprise operations.

Managed Cloud for AWS

As a premier consulting partner and the global leader in managed cloud services for AWS, Datapipe provides end-to-end solutions that build on a deep understanding of AWS environments. Datapipe’s own network of data centers provides a highly secure foundation for hybrid IT solutions delivered in combination with AWS. With these enhanced solutions, Datapipe customers can effectively integrate AWS into their managed private cloud and traditional IT environments.

Stratosphere® Hosted Private Cloud


Stratosphere® is Datapipe’s globally available, high-performance cloud computing platform, designed to meet enterprise requirements for governance, usability, compliance and interoperability with traditional compute platforms. Stratosphere® enables self-service cloud environments, seamless integration with AWS, and hybrid cloud options that include Datapipe’s traditional hosted infrastructure, support, and compliance and security services.



Datapipe delivers a fully managed virtualization platform for VMware, allowing customers to deploy, customize and seamlessly implement virtual servers. Datapipe's Managed Cloud for VMware offering includes access to unlimited additional servers and other resources, allowing users to maximize efficiency by scaling up or down at will. This platform easily integrates with dedicated servers, storage and databases to create a hybrid environment, which is then fully managed by VMware-certified professionals. Datapipe Managed Cloud for VMware offers clients rapid provisioning without any set-up fees, all built on VMware ESX technology and enterprise-class architecture.



Datapipe is uniquely positioned to provide a suite of managed services for public, private and hybrid IT environments based on the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Datapipe can plan, build and run cloud environments utilizing both Hyper-V for Private Cloud and the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud.  Partner with Datapipe for full cloud life-cycle management including migration, orchestration, scaling, monitoring, security management, and optimization with 24/7 support from Microsoft certified experts.

Traditional Managed Hosting


Datapipe offers customizable traditional managed hosting to meet our clients' complete cloud computing needs. Our facilities feature industry-leading technology managed and guided by certified personnel with years of experience managing multi-vendor environments. We combine deeply researched best practices and policies, a worldwide network of strategically placed data centers and an unbeatable commitment to excellence and advancement. This allows Datapipe to future-proof your cloud environments, optimizing availability, reliability, performance and security both now and for the coming years.