Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Cruising in the cloud: Moving from public to private

It’s no secret that every enterprise has its own unique business requirements. IT systems and solutions that work for one business won’t necessarily be right for another. This reality is a key factor in the hybrid cloud vision of the Microsoft Cloud Platform. They are committed to robust public and private cloud options and Datapipe is the unique managed service …

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Is Microsoft’s cloud platform the right option for your company?

The Microsoft vision for cloud is a hybrid vision that includes both public and private cloud options to match a customer’s requirements. Datapipe is uniquely positioned to help customers execute on this vision as we plan, build and run hybrid IT environments every day. We provide the most comprehensive suite of managed services available for public, private, and hybrid IT …

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Public cloud expenditures still rising

In the past decade, organizations have aggressively overhauled their IT infrastructure to ensure that they are prepared to handle the more advantageous trends taking shape as time goes on, including mobility and big data. Although many firms were first somewhat one-dimensional in their approaches to cloud computing, more companies are now beginning to leverage public cloud and hybrid models that …

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Navigating multi-cloud deployments remains a challenge

As cloud computing becomes more widely accepted and deployed in the mainstream, business leaders have started to warm up to the idea of more complex approaches to the technology. In the past the vast majority of companies depended on purely private cloud or public cloud environments, multi-cloud options are now increasingly common. The fact remains that multi-cloud adoption and management constitute a …

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Clear understanding needed for effective cloud security

The average person's awareness and knowledge of cloud computing has advanced tremendously in a very short period of time. Less than a decade ago, the cloud was a mysterious concept to most individuals, suggesting advanced technology but no real conception of what it was or could deliver. Now, as cloud services have become increasingly popular in both the professional and …

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Hybrid cloud increasingly common in APAC region

The rise of cloud computing is a worldwide phenomenon. Companies in virtually every country have increased their use of these technologies by a huge degree over the past few years. With their low barrier to entry and wide-ranging applicability, cloud services are almost universally useful, and the more common they become, the greater the pressure for businesses of all kinds to …

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