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A managed service provider can ease the transition to the cloud

Stephen Boyle, who’s three months into his new position as vice president of Microsoft’s U.S. Partner Group, recently shared his outlook on the future of the cloud with The Var Guy, and he’s excited about where things are headed. The benefits of moving to the cloud are becoming increasingly apparent to most businesses, including Microsoft’s partners. However, as Boyle points out, …

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Cloud makes enterprise-grade big data analytics widely available

The rise of big data analytics was a game-changer for just about every industry. For years, businesses have possessed tremendous amounts of raw, unstructured data that they thought was more or less unusable, as there was no way to glean valuable insight from the information in this form. With advanced big data analytics, though, this was no longer the case. Quickly, enterprises …

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Top 10 HIPAA Data Breaches of 2014

Last year, we highlighted the 10 biggest HIPAA data breaches of 2013, as determined by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Topping the list was Advocate Medical Group’s loss of four laptops containing more than 4 million patient records. Rounding out the top 10 was United HomeCare Services, Inc., with a similar laptop theft resulting in more than …

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Federal agencies turn to the hybrid cloud

datapipe federal hybrid blog

Federal agencies have several special considerations that influence their IT infrastructure and other technology decisions. In addition to facing restrictions over budgets and staff that the private sector may not have to overcome, governmental organizations often need to uphold stringent data security and privacy requirements, particularly if they’re handling information that contains personal data or topics that could affect domestic …

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Cloud computing a transformative tool for small businesses

datapipe cloud small business

The past few years have seen an extraordinary development of cloud technology both in scope and in capabilities. Organizations now have diverse options to choose from, and entities large and small have taken advantage of cloud solutions that fit their unique business requirements to support their success. A recent study by Emergent Research and Intuit Inc pointed to the ways …

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Financial sector takes on cloud computing

datapipe financial sector blog

The prospect of utilizing cloud services within the financial sector has traditionally been met with skepticism due to the need for the most stringent security and regulatory measures. However, with the advancement of cloud hosting options, this perspective is changing. According to recent research, the industry is poised to increase cloud adoption, taking advantage of the benefits offered by the …

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Why the cloud is like hiring a babysitter

datapipe cloud babysitting

Within the enterprise landscape, your data is basically your baby. Your operations create it, and its value to your company makes it one of the most precious assets you have. It’s also pretty vulnerable, especially as increasingly sophisticated hackers threaten to break into corporate networks and equipment failure remains a persistent possibility. That’s why setting up cloud infrastructure to host …

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Even rocket scientists need help with data center consolidation

datapipe data center consolidation

If you’re a little unsure how best to consolidate your data center, you’re not alone. NASA recently issued a request for information, asking for assistance with making its resources run more efficiently. For organizations similarly interested in exploring their options and determining the best way to approach an upgrade to their IT infrastructure, drawing on expert advice and experience can …

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