Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Industry Spotlight: Retailers in the cloud

The face of retail is changing. With advancements in technology, consumers are growing to expect consistency regardless of when, where, and how they interact with the retailer. They also want access to the same products, pricing, and promotions that they get in-store, no matter what channel they are placing an order from.

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Visibility, agility key for successful cloud security

As cloud services become increasingly widespread and popular, many of the myths surrounding cloud security are inevitably fading away. In the technology's early years, many people viewed the cloud with extreme suspicion, assuming that entrusting their data and operations to third-party cloud vendors was inherently less secure than keeping these resources on-premise. Such a view was based more on fear …

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Multi-cloud approach can cut costs significantly

There are many factors that IT decision-makers must take into account when developing and implementing new strategies for their organizations. Without a doubt, though, the need to limit and reduce expenses is always a leading consideration. The potential for IT cost savings is tempting for businesses in every sector.  With that in mind, it's easy to understand why so many …

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Multi-cloud is growing in prominence

As cloud adoption becomes more widespread globally, organizations are beginning to realize a single solution might not adequately address their needs. For this reason, many are implementing multiple cloud services – often from different providers – as a way to expand the flexibility and comprehensiveness of their platforms.  In the near future, it is likely that multi-cloud solutions will become the …

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Hybrid cloud increasingly common in APAC region

The rise of cloud computing is a worldwide phenomenon. Companies in virtually every country have increased their use of these technologies by a huge degree over the past few years. With their low barrier to entry and wide-ranging applicability, cloud services are almost universally useful, and the more common they become, the greater the pressure for businesses of all kinds to …

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U.S. agencies embracing hybrid cloud deployments

As countless businesses around the world have discovered, hybrid cloud deployments provide numerous advantages over exclusively public cloud or private cloud offerings. With a hybrid cloud approach, firms can pick and choose which data sets and operations remain on-premise, which are hosted in secure private cloud environments and which receive the greater cost-efficiency benefits of public cloud solutions. All of this helps to explain …

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