Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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The Explosion of Data Gravity

At last year’s Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Florida, there was one a major takeaway: data gravity. It was interesting to see the different viewpoints and perspectives, so let’s take a look back at how the enterprise can use data gravity when moving their business to the cloud.

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Multi-cloud is growing in prominence

As cloud adoption becomes more widespread globally, organizations are beginning to realize a single solution might not adequately address their needs. For this reason, many are implementing multiple cloud services – often from different providers – as a way to expand the flexibility and comprehensiveness of their platforms.  In the near future, it is likely that multi-cloud solutions will become the …

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Migration remains an issue for firms eager to embrace cloud

For quite a while, business leaders agonized over the question of whether to adopt cloud computing services or remain entirely on-premise. Now, the cloud's viability and popular are well established, and the focus for many organizations' decision-makers is instead how to best leverage these cloud resources.  This is often easier said than done. While cloud services themselves are typically very …

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Multi-cloud approach gaining momentum

The cloud computing market, just like any IT sector, is constantly evolving. The cloud's development is particularly noteworthy, however, in terms of both how quickly it is advancing and how big an impact this is having on businesses around the globe. In just a few short years, cloud technology and strategies have undergone major transformations.  Right now, one of the most …

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Federal cloud adoption progresses, but obstacles remain

Generally speaking, the federal government does not have the best reputation when it comes to adopting new technology. While there is some truth to such a view, in reality government agencies are often eager to embrace upgraded IT solutions, and they move faster than many outside observers give them credit for. In a sense, the federal government’s relationship with cloud computing …

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Cloud misconceptions hurting implementation efforts

When done correctly, cloud computing deployments can deliver incredible benefits to organizations of all kinds, from superior performance to greater flexibility to cost reductions and beyond. Given all of this, it's no surprise that cloud adoption rates are rising quickly in every sector and across the globe. Yet it's important to note that, unfortunately, not every cloud implementation leads to …

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How the cloud is improving data center consolidation

Taken separately, data center consolidation and cloud computing adoption clearly represent two of the most significant IT trends occurring today. With increasing frequency, businesses are bringing together these efforts to maximize benefits. In many ways, cloud services can have a powerful, positive impact on companies' data center consolidation projects. Data center consolidation incentives To see why the cloud is such …

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Cloud offers major benefits for big data initiatives

Cloud computing and big data analytics are, without a doubt, two of the most important technologies to enter the mainstream in recent years. And now, increasingly, the two are coming together to deliver powerful results and benefits for forward-thinking companies. By moving big data analytics operations into cloud environments, firms can increase efficiency and productivity, all while saving time and …

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NASA in the midst of major cloud migration initiative

datapipe nasa cloud

The federal government is often perceived as being somewhat behind the times when it comes to new technologies. And there’s some truth to this view. After all, the bureaucratic nature of government bodies makes new technological adoption and innovation difficult to pursue. But it’s not entirely fair to assume that the government is always slow to embrace new IT initiatives. …

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