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Factors that set successful cloud partners apart from their peers

Businesses around the world are flocking en masse to the world of managed cloud hosting in the hope that they can implement more effective IT systems. Cloud solutions are inherently cheaper for operations and infrastructure than on-premise data centers that require constant updating and maintenance, and enterprises have recognized this.  In fact, an Infoholic Research report found that the global cloud infrastructure market …

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Hosted multi-cloud solutions can reduce IT expenses

Cloud hosting has been around for years now, but recently, a new trend has emerged within the sector – the use of multi-cloud solutions. Put simply, this concept refers to the use of multiple service providers to fulfill requirements.  Businesses are enamored with cloud hosting due to the expanded efficiency it can offer. When coupled with the use of services from …

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What’s the Big Fuss Over the IoT?

The Internet of Things has become one of the more widely discussed topics in corporate and consumer IT circles of late, as many have hailed it as representing the next major wave of technological innovation. Although there have been plenty of flops of note, such as Google Glass and the Apple Watch, neither of which have had much success in …

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Cloud infrastructure spending growing rapidly, study finds

It's no secret that cloud computing's popularity has accelerated dramatically over the past few years. Business leaders in every sector have come to appreciate that cloud services are not just useful – they're downright essential for any firm that wants to remain competitive. Any organization that continues to resist the cloud entirely may be putting itself at risk of being …

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Why the cloud is like hiring a babysitter

datapipe cloud babysitting

Within the enterprise landscape, your data is basically your baby. Your operations create it, and its value to your company makes it one of the most precious assets you have. It’s also pretty vulnerable, especially as increasingly sophisticated hackers threaten to break into corporate networks and equipment failure remains a persistent possibility. That’s why setting up cloud infrastructure to host …

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Rapid, real-time performance requires high input/output solutions

High I/O Hybrid Solutions

If you have a need for speed – perhaps for real-time applications or high-performance databases – you probably know that input/output capacity makes a world of difference. In addition to provisioning the right amount of storage space and computing power, you must design your system to transmit information efficiently. For Amazon Web Services users, establishing the right direct connection is …

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Know when to let go of legacy systems

Even with respect to the diverse array of powerful cloud computing services that have recently come into the picture, an organization’s attachment to its legacy IT infrastructure is understandable in this day and age. Internal staff typically spend years – if not decades – assembling, configuring and optimizing on-premise assets to the exact specifications of their business. Along with an …

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