Friday, October 28, 2016

Considerations when Migrating Data to the AWS Cloud


AWS' "An Overview of AWS Cloud Data Migration Services" white paper is a terrific blueprint for getting started in the cloud and setting your business up to achieve its goals. Let’s take a look at a few of the highlights.

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Microsoft & Boeing Team Up to Showcase the Power of Cloud


I’ve often heard Big Data explained using an airplane; I’ve even used the story myself to help my daughter understand the industry I work in. Seeing this story about a real partnership between two technology innovators brought reality to the tale.

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Datapipe Named to CRN Fast Growth 150 List Again


I’m proud to announce our latest in a long string of achievements – Datapipe has been named once again to The Channel Company’s 2016 CRN® Fast Growth 150 list.

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The Attendee Guide for AWS Summit New York

AWS Summit

Next week, the AWS Summit will be hitting the Big Apple. On August 10 and 11, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with managed service providers like Datapipe, AWS employees, and a host of other companies, all while enjoying sessions and talks from a number of leaders in the industry.

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Clouds are Secure: Are You Using Them Securely?


In July Gartner released a report titled, “Clouds Are Secure: Are You Using Them Securely?” that argued that CIOs and CISOs should stop obsessing over unsubstantiated cloud security worries, and instead apply their imagination and energy to developing new approaches to cloud control, allowing them to securely, compliantly and reliably take advantage of the benefits of this ubiquitous computing model.

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Security in the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework


Having a comprehensive, well-thought-out approach to cloud adoption is vital to the IT lifecycle. The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) helps users structure and plan this journey.

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DevOps for the Enterprise: IT Team Convergence and Implementing on AWS


As we’ve discussed throughout this blog series, the process of organizing teams, application artifacts, and technology processes under a DevOps strategy must encompass all teams contributing technical work to the macro-level system and should include the designing and developing of each team’s software, tests, and automation processes.

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Improving Operations Using Data Analytics


Many businesses are turning to data analytics to provide insight when making operational decisions. There are two areas in particular where data analytics can help companies

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AWS Quarterly and Cloud Database Updates


AWS has been plenty busy lately. They just hosted their AWS Summit in Santa Clara, and launched a webinar series covering numerous product updates – particularly on AWS cloud database products – in their quarterly update for AWS.

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DevOps for the Enterprise: Aligning and Structuring Projects, Part II


In my last blog, I started to talk through best practices when it comes to enabling the DevOps workflow for enterprises. This can also be thought of as how to organize work around the teams in such a way that they are manageable and sufficiently discreet enough to enable end-to-end ownership. One blog was not enough for this complicated topic, …

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Recapping Microsoft World Partner Conference 2016


This past week we exhibited at the Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC) in Toronto. A recurring theme throughout the WPC was the direction of cloud technology, focusing on how partners and their customers can harness it effectively.

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Accelerate Speed To Market: Hybrid Cloud’s Competitive Advantage

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There are many reasons for companies to move to a hybrid cloud model, among those being the competitive advantage gained from an increased speed to market. The speed of IT services provisioning can change from weeks to hours, giving organisations the ability to rapidly launch new products or services and drive revenue growth. The scalability of cloud enables businesses to …

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Datapipe Expands to Russia


At Datapipe, we are constantly prioritizing client needs, adjusting our own business strategy based on what they need to be most successful. Today, we made an announcement that illustrates this commitment. I’m excited to announce we will be opening a new data center in Moscow, Russia to expand our growing presence in Europe. Designed in part to accommodate the increasing …

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