Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Recent Changes in Azure Pricing and Licensing Are Helping Companies Succeed in Their Journey to the Cloud

In October of 2016, Microsoft announced an Azure price reduction, lowering prices on some virtual machines (VM) by as much as 50 percent. Takeshi Numoto, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Office Product Management Group, said, “As part of our continued commitment to deliver Azure to customers at the best possible prices, we are lowering prices on many of our most popular virtual machines (VMs).”

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2015: An Azure year in review

2015 was a big year for the cloud computing industry. It was so big that many industry influencers, including Fredric Paul at Network World, are going as far as calling 2015 the “year of the cloud.” Microsoft was no exception to this rule – let’s dive into some of their biggest updates and take a closer look at what they mean to you.

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Transforming lives through cloud technology

In our industry, we often focus on the benefits that the cloud can bring to a business, and rightfully so. The cloud is a powerful, cost-effective solution that provides businesses with flexible and scalable hosting environments, giving them the agility needed to keep up with rapidly changing landscapes. However, by only focusing on business applications we miss out on some …

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Azure ExpressRoute enables hybrid cloud for the enterprise

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is a feature that enables the enterprise to leverage the hyper-scale power of the Azure public cloud for their dedicated infrastructure via a direct, private connection to Azure. Private networks are a staple of today’s corporate IT landscape enabling organizations to ensure performance and consistency yet limiting access to sensitive resources. To meet the needs of today’s …

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The rapid rise of multi-cloud

The mass consumerisation of technology has directly stimulated expectations among employees, executives and others in the private and public sectors. No longer will cookie-cutter approaches to strategies and technology service delivery hack it in the average organisation, with preferences continuing to move in the direction of highly personalised and customised IT frameworks. Thanks to the birth of the cloud as …

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