Thursday, December 8, 2016
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Partner spotlight: Equinix


As an industry leader, we pride ourselves on partnering with like-minded, innovative organizations - companies that are also experts in their fields, who can work with us to provide our clients the very best in custom solutions, managed services, security, and reliability. We don’t enter into partnerships lightly and deliberately look to do good work with good people. This week I wanted to dive into our close relationship with Equinix.

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Industry Spotlight: Retailers in the cloud


The face of retail is changing. With advancements in technology, consumers are growing to expect consistency regardless of when, where, and how they interact with the retailer. They also want access to the same products, pricing, and promotions that they get in-store, no matter what channel they are placing an order from.

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Webinar: Choosing the right solution for your workload

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 12.16.51 PM

With so many solutions to choose from to manage IT workloads, it can be overwhelming parsing through everything and selecting the right set of solutions. That’s why William Fellows, VP of Research for 451 Research and Scott Strickland, Global CIO of D+M Group held a webinar recently to walk through the challenges enterprises face when choosing the right solution for …

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Client focus: D+M Group migrates 15 physical data centers into three private clouds


D+M Group is a distributor of high-end audio and video components recognized for its advanced digital technology, high-performance engineering, and unique designs, and is known for delivering a powerful audio and video experience. The company’s IT infrastructure, however, was lacking. Spurred by the prospect of greater efficiencies and less redundancy, D+M embraced the cloud and plunged in headfirst. We worked …

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Navigating the hybrid hype: Not all hybrid is created equal


CIOs are at a tipping point. They are challenged with innovating old, traditional systems while turning to new cloud systems to modernize specific functions of their infrastructure, all with the goal of improving user delivery. This is a difficult balancing act. Not only are they faced with blending old with the new, but data also has to flow between the …

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The rapid rise of multi-cloud


The mass consumerisation of technology has directly stimulated expectations among employees, executives and others in the private and public sectors. No longer will cookie-cutter approaches to strategies and technology service delivery hack it in the average organisation, with preferences continuing to move in the direction of highly personalised and customised IT frameworks. Thanks to the birth of the cloud as …

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Leverage hybrid IT for stronger DR performance

Disaster recovery and business continuity have gained a bit more momentum in the past five years or so, as several major storms that have struck various regions of the United States have opened the eyes of most leaders to the dangers of not mitigating risk. In many situations, those firms that do not carefully craft their recovery plans will be …

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