Saturday, February 17, 2018
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How DevOps Can Help Organizations Close the ‘IT Skills Gap’

The cloud computing industry moves forward at a lightning pace. A process that may have been considered an industry best practice a year ago could be considered passé today. This rapid rate of acceleration has created a gap between the skills demanded by employers and the skills present in the workforce, and this gap means that many organizations struggle to fill open positions in cloud computing, negatively impacting their ability to keep up with the speed of innovation.  

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Taking Advantage of IoT

By 2020, the IoT is expected to grow to a $3.7 billion market comprised of 30.7 billion devices. While the sheer number of devices can be overwhelming, there are huge implications for how companies store, manage and utilize this information.

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CI/CD Pipelines as Code

If you have full control over each aspect of your application’s lifecycle, it’s reasonable to assume you’d want that lifecycle to be as streamlined as possible through automated code merges, unit/regression testing, environment builds, and so on. This is achievable through a Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, which is an automated way to orchestrate a series of steps for merging, building, testing and deploying application code.

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Data for DevOps: Part III

Currently, most IT departments are already using monitoring data to automatically trigger alarms, alerting operations staff to issues as soon as they arise. While this is a considerable improvement over waiting for user complaints, analyzing event logs alongside monitoring streams can help solve two major issues

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Data for DevOps: Part II

Infrastructure monitoring data can provide IT departments with insight into the virtual or physical, systems they manage. Analyzing these data can provide value across multiple axes, including outside the IT organization itself.

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Data for DevOps : Part I

The movement toward DevOps is transforming IT departments worldwide, providing improvements across a host of metrics. The growth of DevOps-centered IT departments is happening simultaneously with an explosion in interest in data analytics for operations applications.

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