Friday, February 23, 2018
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Retailers increasingly turning to big data analytics

As big data analytics tools become more affordable and usable, the technology's influence is both growing and expanding into new sectors. Businesses that have barely touched big data in the past few years are now fully embracing these assets, eager to take advantage of the insight that these solutions may bring.  This trend is clearly visible in the retail sector. …

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Expanding big data uses will require upgraded platforms

Big data has established itself as one of the most powerful resources available to companies today. The technology, once used by only the most technologically innovative enterprises, is now widely accessible, and valuable, to firms in every sector. As Techvibes recently highlighted, there are a number of major changes on the horizon in the big data space. These developments will present …

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Federal government needs to improve cloud data management efforts

The federal government has significantly ramped up its cloud adoption efforts in the last few months. Agencies that previously resisted the cloud for a variety of reasons have made a lot of progress toward fully embracing these solutions. But despite these efforts, the fact remains that the federal cloud remains at a relatively immature stage. Federal departments are moving toward the cloud, …

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The Real Cost of Data Breaches

datapipe compliance cloud age blog

Recently it seems like large-scale data breaches are an almost weekly occurrence. But, just because they are more commonplace does not mean their impacts are any less severe for businesses or for customers whose data is compromised. Though there were several high profile data breaches in the last 9 months — eBay, AOL (again!), Neiman Marcus and more — the …

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Even rocket scientists need help with data center consolidation

datapipe data center consolidation

If you’re a little unsure how best to consolidate your data center, you’re not alone. NASA recently issued a request for information, asking for assistance with making its resources run more efficiently. For organizations similarly interested in exploring their options and determining the best way to approach an upgrade to their IT infrastructure, drawing on expert advice and experience can …

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Why the cloud is like a da Vinci engineering drawing

datapipe cloud da vinci

Leonardo da Vinci. The name conjures images of breathtaking paintings and inspires awe and reverence. An exemplary Renaissance man and genius, he was both an artist and an inventor, pressing the limits of the human imagination to conceive concepts and creations well beyond his time. No one could deny that da Vinci had an incredible mind and his ideas held …

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Overcome information silos with seamless database integration

Database Integration

From content management systems to big data analytics, there’s a lot of discussion about eliminating data silos and integrating resources. Processes such as reporting and document retrieval benefit from being able to pull from multiple sources of information – a step that is hindered when disparate systems prevent the fluid flow of data. For customers with hybrid IT infrastructures, avoiding …

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Capturing Conversions: Why Milliseconds Matter to the Bottom Line

There’s an old saying we all deal with every day: time is money. On the Internet, money can be measured pretty well by one important metric: page load time. Research has shown consistently that user experience is important and functionality is useful, but nothing will cause a customer to jump ship quicker than a slow website. In fact, Microsoft claims …

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