Thursday, October 8, 2015
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Datapipe at re:Invent


Datapipe is headed to Vegas next week for AWS re:Invent 2015! The event is designed to bring together the cloud computing community for a week filled with collaboration and best practices regarding AWS. Whether you are going to be onsite or keeping up on the event activity from afar, there are a number of ways to connect with Datapipe during …

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Datapipe partners with DataStax to simplify data analysis for the enterprise


As an industry leader, we pride ourselves on partnering with like-minded, innovative organizations; companies that are also experts in their fields, who can work with us to provide our customers with the very best in custom solutions, managed services, security, and reliability. Today we are excited to announce we are teaming up with DataStax, the company that delivers Apache Cassandra™ to …

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How To Successfully Implement a Big Data Project in 8 Steps

Cloud-based analytics rapidly becoming the norm

There are countless ways to incorporate Big Data to improve your company’s operations. But the hard truth is that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to Big Data. Beyond understanding your infrastructure requirements, you still need to create an implementation plan to understand what each Big Data project will mean to your organization. At a minimum, that plan should …

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60-Second Guide: Big Data and the cloud

It seems like everywhere you turn, folks are making references to “Big Data.” The term is used for just about every technology issue imaginable, but do you know what it really means? If you’ve got 60 seconds, we’ve got a crash course on the key Big Data trends: how you can source BigData, what insights you derive from it, and how quickly you …

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Big Data in Action: How a little charity helps enable crowdsourced nature observations from around the world

DP_Naturalist Blog Image 1

In the Bay Area tech world, I am constantly inundated by talk of how big data is going to fundamentally change industries and create ever elusive differentiation and riches for businesses that can take advantage. However, I know that the power of big data isn’t limited to just big business. Harnessed correctly and put to the right use, endless positives …

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Datapipe Acquires GoGrid – A Roundup of Reactions

On January 20th, 2015, Datapipe announced the acquisition of GoGrid, a respected provider in managed cloud and dedicated servers, and a leader in cloud orchestration and big data solutions. Tech media and influencers responded quickly with analysis and reactions to the acquisition, and its implications for the industry. Below is a collection of articles and quotes that caught our eye: Barb Darrow of GigaOm, from Datapipe …

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Datapipe’s Acquisition of GoGrid: Two Industry Pioneers Create New Levels of Customer Value in the Cloud Era

Datapipe has long been a leader and innovator in the managed IT services industry. We have carved out a unique space for ourselves in the market, delivering unprecedented customer value through cutting edge solutions in the security, integration and management of multiple cloud platforms, including AWS. We are constantly seeking to expand our services and empower our customers with the …

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Third-party assistance needed for big data advancements

For a business to become and remain an industry leader, it needs to take advantage of all its available resources. Over the course of the past few years, it's become clear that one of the most important and valuable resources which virtually every organization has access to and can potentially leverage is big data. Thanks to advances in analytics and …

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Big Data is the New Black

Many fans would argue that the Netflix original series “House of Cards” is the perfect television show – it has a fabulous production team, compelling leading actor, and stories of drama and betrayal that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Turns out, this was no happy accident – this and all other Netflix series have been engineered with …

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How Big Data Tells a Story

Cloud makes enterprise-grade big data analytics widely available

Associations with Big Data tend to be pretty clinical – it’s often considered a tool to make more accurate scientific statements, identify trends in social media and news, and develop products by gauging customer response. In other words, the cloud computing tool was largely viewed as a shortcut to making money and creating new offerings for the public, whether that was …

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