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  • Arti Garg

    Arti Garg

    As a Principal Consultant at Datapipe, Arti strives to ensure that data and analytics solutions complement and support their existing processes and culture for all Datapipe clients. Arti has a deep understanding for how any new solution, technical or otherwise, must align with an organization's mission, culture, and values. She writes about her experience helping enterprises identify gaps in their existing processes and ways that data-driven software solutions can effectively close them.
  • Chris Bateman

    Chris Bateman

    As a Cloud Specialist at Datapipe, Chris has extensive knowledge of both innovative and proven cloud infrastructure. Through his work advising enterprise clients on solution options and best practice for implementing hybrid IT, he has a unique understanding of industry trends. Chris writes about a range of hot topics on how best to diversify your cloud solution, including multi-cloud strategies, optimizing hybrid IT solutions, and the evolution of MSPs.
  • Carl Hanssen

    Carl Hanssen

    Carl Hanssen is Head of Transition at Adapt. With 25 years’ in IT under his belt, Carl has a huge wealth of experience in both internal operational and customer facing IT roles and has previously held positions in delivery, engineering, systems administration, design, consultancy, and management. In his role at award-winning Managed Services Provider Adapt, Carl supports the smooth delivery of Adapt’s complex IT outsource projects. Collaborating closely with customers and Adapt’s highly skilled operational engineering and project management teams, he drives the technical, service and management activities across Adapt necessary to meet customers’ immediate and long-term business imperatives and ensure project success. Over the past two years, Carl has worked on a number of successful major outsourcing implementation projects including OCS and Steinhoff Group. Previously, Carl worked at BT for 21 years - most recently as Global Head of Presales Technical Design in BT’s Data Centre Services division. Carl is a fanatical collector of vinyl records and father of 5.
  • Chris Love

    Chris Love

    As Senior DevOps Open Source Consultant at Datapipe, Chris has been coding for over 20 years and is an open source contributor for both Kubernetes and Terraform. He is currently contributing to kops, Kubernetes Operations, and is a co-lead with Kuberentes AWS special interest group. He has architected key projects with such companies as Accenture, Motorola, ADP, Inuit, Warner Bros, and CenturyLink. Chris is passionate about scalable open source technologies, Big Data, and not getting woken up at 2 am because a system went boom. Outside of work, Chris can be found working on his computer too much, enjoying time with wife, or passing on his love for the Martial Arts through Kenpo.
  • David Lucky

    David Lucky

    As Datapipe’s Director of Product Management, David has unique insight into the latest product developments for private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms and a keen understanding of industry trends and their impact on business development. David writes about a wide variety of topics including security and compliance, AWS, Microsoft, and business strategy.
  • Dewey Paciaffi

    Dewey Paciaffi

    As the Director of Unix Operations at Datapipe, Dewey leads five global teams that manage several thousand Linux/Unix systems in a managed hosting environment. With his extensive knowledge and range of work with Unix systems, he’s experienced the evolution of this operating system firsthand and witnessed worldwide adoption by a majority of the world’s most complex business systems. Dewey writes about the evolution of Unix and the systems' widespread adoption.
  • Dan Tudahl

    Dan Tudahl

    As the President and General Manager of Datapipe Government Solutions, Dan has over 25 years of technical leadership and management experience in secured information technology services, software strategy, software development and complex software system implementations. Dan writes about the unique security, operations, and service delivery requirements for the public sector.
  • David Vogel

    David Vogel

    David Vogel leads digital marketing at Datapipe, helping Datapipe connect with clients and prospects and build awareness in the tech community. David writes about data breaches and their implications, HIPAA and PCI compliance, and the benefits of managed services for the cloud.
  • Eric Sakowski

    Eric Sakowski

    As the Lead Automation Engineer at Datapipe, Eric has long-term experience building RPM-deployable software with Java/Tomcat/Spring/Hibernate/iBatis, PERL 5, Python, Linux, MySQL, Apache, and other open source frameworks and modules. He’s had more than 20 years experience using Linux and programming in various languages, often playing the role of a de facto sysadmin to ship his own code and manage systems running his code. Eric writes about automation and infrastructure.
  • Hetal Patel

    Hetal Patel

    As Datapipe's Director of Cloud and Virtualization Operations, Hetal has established himself as an expert in the design, architecture, and implementation of public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions, as well as the unique hardware, software, storage and networking of our wide range of clients. Hetal writes about tools, resources, and best practices that relate to management and support of multiple cloud and virtualization platforms.
  • Jatil Damania

    Jatil Damania

    As Director of Product Development at Datapipe, Jatil leads the development of Trebuchet, a platform helping clients to adopt modern cloud and application practices and manages the team of developers bringing the vision to fruition. He writes about DevOps, automation tools, development and how technology can help enterprises. Outside of Datapipe, Jatil is a technology enthusiast, always keen to learn what’s new and how it works.
  • Joel Friedman

    Joel Friedman

    Joel Friedman serves as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Security Officer at Datapipe. Joel brings deep experience in information security, product development, and IT management to Datapipe and has been with the company for more than a decade. At Datapipe, he is responsible for guiding and evolving the company’s product development roadmap and overall information security management program. Under Joel’s guidance, Datapipe has built up one of the most comprehensive security offerings for multi-platform hybrid IT solutions in the managed cloud industry. Joel has also spearheaded efforts that led to first-of-its-kind security and product solutions such as the award-winning Datapipe Access Control Model for AWS. Joel is a recognized industry expert and has spoken at numerous conferences including PCI London and AWS re:Invent on topics ranging from cloud security to AWS implementation best practices. The New Jersey Technology Council also awarded Joel the distinguished title of 2015 CSO of the Year due to his innovation and creativity in planning and deploying enterprise systems, future IT goals, management philosophy and service to the industry and community. Prior to Datapipe, Joel helped pioneer VoicePulse, a voice over IP company. He holds industry certifications with many of the leading groups including ISC, ISACA, PCI SSC, EC Council and the Cloud Security Alliance.
  • Josh Pemrick

    Josh Pemrick

    As Datapipe’s Global Sales Manager, Josh is well versed in transforming unique business requirements and strategy into tangible IT initiatives focused on personalized and measurable results. Josh writes about the questions and concerns more relevant to new-to-cloud organizations, and also highlights the success stories of some of Datapipe’s clients.
  • Jason Singh

    Jason Singh

    As Datapipe’s Head of Marketing for the APAC region, Jason champions Datapipe as a next generation MSP with unique expertise in architecting, migrating, managing, and securing public cloud, private cloud, hybrid IT, and traditional IT around the globe. Jason writes about Datapipe’s company, product, and client news within the APAC region and also adds his unique voice to the cloud conversation on industry topics and trends affecting the APAC region.
  • Kris Childress

    Kris Childress

    As a Platform Engineer at Datapipe, Kris is on a never ending quest to become a better software engineer. She is an active participant in the Kubernetes community, working with like-minded individuals throughout the industry on design and implementation development of the production-grade container scheduling and management system from Google. Kris is a seasoned go developer and is a recipient of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s diversity scholarship program and will be a featured attendee at KubeCon 2016. Kris writes about infrastructure and application development from a DevOps perspective.
  • Kev Linsell

    Kev Linsell

    Kevin is Director of Strategy & Architecture at award-winning managed services provider and cloud integrator Adapt. With over 20 years’ experience in the telecommunications, Managed Services and IT sectors, Kevin’s career has included optical fibre research, IP network development, IT support, managed service product development, sales and Office of the CTO roles. In previous roles at BT Global Services and Computacenter, Kevin gained deep experience across commercial and public sectors in a range of technical, operational and commercial areas. Kevin delivers the strategy and services roadmap for product development and the evolution of Adapt’s service capability. This involves managing all aspects of the productisation of services including internal and external stakeholders, vendors, customers and any third party support/ supply chain components. Kevin also runs the Architecture team who design every customer solution. In his current role, Kevin has been instrumental in developing Adapt’s disruptive Cloud Integrator strategy and leveraging Adapt’s partnership with EMC to deliver a first to market Software-Defined Data Centre – the Habitat. Outside work Kevin has two young sons, shoots small bore rifles, rides mountain bikes and is an avid motorcyclist.
  • Mark Kallback

    Mark Kallback

    As Senior Account Manager at Datapipe, Mark works with clients on creating stable and compliant solutions and showing them how to be prepared when the time comes for an audit. His career with Datapipe started in the support department, which contributes to his technical background. Mark writes about PCI, HIPAA, and other upcoming standards, and shares insight on the complex world of compliance on both traditional hardware solutions and the cloud.
  • Matthew Scott

    Matthew Scott

    Vice President of Public Cloud and Professional Services at Datapipe.
  • Nick Ciaccio

    Nick Ciaccio

    As Datapipe’s former Automation/DevOps Engineer, Nick was responsible for developing software, scripts and configuration management platforms to automate and improve operations across public and private cloud infrastructure on a global scale. Nick wrote about programming and developing applications using a variety of platforms.
  • Parviz Deyhim

    Parviz Deyhim

    As Principal Architect at Datapipe, leading the Data & Analytics team, Parviz architects and builds data processing platforms, developing scalable and secure infrastructures using cloud-native services. In addition, he serves as a consultant to enterprise customers, partnering with them to find the perfect solution for their business. Parviz writes about capabilities and tools businesses can use to maximize their efficiency, with a focus towards AWS products and services.
  • Patrick McClory

    Patrick McClory

    Patrick McClory has been writing code, managing DevOps, and designing scalable application infrastructures for over ten years. Most recently, as COO and CTO of DualSpark, Patrick served as an expert Amazon Web Services consultant, helping clients capitalize on the benefits of cloud architecture and design with modern and innovative software, infrastructure, and automation strategies leveraging solutions from AWS. After the recent acquisition of DualSpark by Datapipe, Patrick assumed the role of SVP of Platform Engineering and Delivery Services, where his expertise is put to good use overseeing Datapipe’s global Automation and DevOps as well as Strategic Consulting and Platform teams. In this role, Patrick manages several teams including our client-focused service delivery team focused on enabling customers to transform their businesses by leveraging cloud-based patterns and practices.
  • Pete Tierno

    Pete Tierno

    As an automation engineer at Datapipe, Pete helps enterprises bridge the gap between development and operational teams. Pete writes about automation tools.
  • Robb Allen

    Robb Allen

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Datapipe, Robb is an entrepreneur who has built successful companies in real estate and technology. He leads a global team of dedicated professionals and works with the world’s most trusted brands to optimize mission-critical and day-to-day enterprise IT operations, enabling them to transform, innovate, and scale. Robb writes about company news and provides his take on industry trends.
  • Richard Dolan

    Richard Dolan

    As Datapipe’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Rich is responsible for developing and driving Datapipe’s world class marketing team and ensuring Datapipe stays ahead of the curve with product development and client support. Rich has been with Datapipe for more than 15 years and has seen the company evolve into a leading, global MSP. Rich writes about Datapipe news, Datapipe clients, business strategies, and also provides insight into the company’s partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, Equinix, and others.
  • Rob Selby

    Rob Selby

    Rob is Solution Architect Manager at Adapt with 15 years’ experience in the IT industry. Mixing skills and experience gained in development, solution architecture and infrastructure architecture has armed Rob with broad skills and experience to effectively translate business problems into solutions that provide real business benefits. Rob started his career as a Web Developer with an Application Service Provider focusing on internet applications. Rob worked in Australia for several years where he moved into Infrastructure Architecture, working for a global news organisation. Here, Rob specialised in supporting the design and deployment of infrastructure solutions for online applications before moving to run the Architecture team. At Adapt, Rob leads one of the Solution Architect teams who deliver tailored solutions to customers. Responsibilities include: - Resource management - Production of technical design documents - Evaluation and cost modelling of core solutions with Commercial team - Governance of technical implementation for projects Rob has two young sons and outside of work enjoys mountain biking, walking and cooking (preferably on a barbeque!)
  • Steve Bianciardi

    Steve Bianciardi

    Steve Bianciardi is Solution Architect Manager for Adapt. With 20 years of experience, Steve is a business focused IT professional experienced in delivering technical solutions to enhance IT service delivery, drive down costs and bring strategic direction and innovation to businesses. Steve’s experience has been gained across the Insurance, Facility Services and Global Shipping sectors. At Adapt, Steve leads one of the Solution Architect teams who deliver tailored solutions to key clients. Responsibilities include: - Resource manage the TDA team - Production of technical designs to meet customer requirements - Evaluation and cost modeling of core solutions with commercial team to meet customer requirements - Governance of technical implementation for projects Prior to working for Adapt Steve worked for OCS and Inchcape Shipping Services where he managed large data centre, WAN/ LAN environments both nationally and Globally. While working for Inchcape Shipping Steve was responsible for delivering services to over 50 countries. Steve is an evangelist for infrastructure transformation and simplification to enable agility, flexibility and achievement of core objectives. In his spare time, Steve enjoys renovating properties, travelling and is a keen walker.
  • Scott Vidmar

    Scott Vidmar

    As a Principal Engineer at Datapipe, Scott is a savvy technologist who is creative in his approach to developing inventive, proactive solutions to operational challenges. He uses real world experiences to ensure applications at a massive scale can operate with agility and in a fault tolerant manner. Scott writes from an engineering and customer service perspective to provide insight into common and not so common IT challenges.
  • Timothy Campbell

    Timothy Campbell

    As Datapipe’s Product Manager, Tim has unique insight into the latest product developments for private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms and a keen understanding of industry trends and their impact on business development. Tim writes about a variety of topics including security and compliance, business strategy and Microsoft Azure.
  • Tony Connor

    Tony Connor

    As Datapipe’s head of marketing in the EMEA region, Tony champions Datapipe as a next generation MSP with unique expertise in architecting, migrating, managing and securing public cloud, private cloud, hybrid IT, and traditional IT around the globe. Tony writes about Datapipe’s company, product, and client news within the EMEA region and also chimes in on the cloud conversation on industry topics and trends affecting the region.
  • Todd Smith

    Todd Smith

    As Datapipe’s former Senior Product Manager, Todd has unique insight into the latest product developments for private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms and a keen understanding of industry trends and their impact on business development. Todd wrote about a variety of topics including security and compliance, business strategy and Microsoft Azure.
  • Tom Spalding

    Tom Spalding

    As an Account Executive at Datapipe, Tom consults organizations from a multitude of industry verticals, and advocates for a more agile and innovative method of consuming IT in modern business. Tom has a broad and deep level of knowledge around evolving cloud technology that he utilizes to keep his clients innovating at the fastest possible pace. Tom writes about a variety of cloud topics including migration strategies, and ISV and SaaS providers.
  • Ted Stettinius

    Ted Stettinius

    As Vice President of Federal Sales for Datapipe Government Solutions, Ted leads Datapipe’s sales team covering the Federal sector. Ted has years of experience providing FedRAMP’ed cloud services in support of System Integrators and Independent Software Vendors servicing Federal clients. He writes about government cloud solutions and best practices.
  • Will Taborda

    Will Taborda

    As Datapipe’s Director of Messaging Services, Will manages Datapipe’s global team of cloud engineers and leads Datapipe’s Office 365 Managed Services. Will has extensive leadership and technical experience in cloud virtualization – and writes about a variety of cloud topics including Office 365.